Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Classroom Part 5

Yesterday, I went back into my room. Here is what I got done.

My 100 day bowl & chart.
 Every day, before we line up to leave, we add a fish to the fish bowl until we get to 100. We also cross off a number from our 100's chart

My fish and charts area.
 The songs we sing daily, ie: days of the week, months of the year, are on charts and I keep them next to my calendar station for easy referencing. I got them up under my word fish. I put my students weekly HFW in the fish while we are learning them. On Fridays we transfer them to the word wall.

Overhead Station.
I am lucky enough to work in a building where all the teachers have projectors and document cameras. At the start of every I hear a teacher say "Who still uses an overhead projector?!?" and I always, sheepishly, raise my hand. Here is the truth, I don't my students do. They just love using it at a center. Here is a picture of it on.

I worked on organizing my picture books. I am no where near done but at least I can fit them all in my cabinet and close the doors. They are a work in progress.

My Calendar Station
This is one my favorite parts of my room. :)
 The start of my word wall.
I ran out of laminated construction paper. I will have to laminate some more when I locate the laminator in our new building.

I sorted all my table basket supplies

I got my pocket chart station up.
 I always love putting this behind a bookshelf because I feel is saves so much space. :) This year I covered the back of the shelf and taped the edges with Masking tape.
I learned that masking tape was surprisingly VERY forgiving. I messed up several times and I did not need a new piece OR new paper. I love it.

I am going back today, let's see how much I can get done.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE. LOVE the fish bowl idea!! Gonna have to steal that idea- thanks for sharing :)

  2. That looks great!! Do you ever practice counting by 5's or 10's with the hundreds chart? I have used a fish bowl before and I exchange 10 fish out for a bigger that how your bowl works?

  3. Hey girl1 I'm not teasing ya for having an overhead! All the kdg teachers in my school asked for one this year b/c it DOES make a great center for the kiddos! =) Love your room! Looks great!

  4. Thanks Michelle, I can't take credit for the bowl. I bought it from Carson Dellosa.

    Emily, it works exactly like that. I keep the 100's chart next to it and we circle the 5's and 10's with dry erase market in blue and red.

    Thanks Jessica. I'll have to post some activities at a later time. Love to see what you all do with them.

    Ms. M

  5. Looks awesome! I used to have a pocket chart station last year that was on the back of a bookcase. I really liked it there.

  6. So funny you commented about your overhead...I just found out today that I have a projector in my classroom and was thinking: "Do I still need an overhead?" I am definitely going to keep it! My kids don't go to centers, but they are obsessed with playing school during inside recess...the overhead will be amazing for that! Your room is coming along! I go tomorrow to start mine!

    Mrs. Wheeler

  7. I have a projector in my room, and never used it except to help me draw out shapes for large posters. I am totally going to try this for a word work activity for my kids this year! I love the idea of hanging a pocket chart on the back of a bookshelf too. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I will be starting unpacking my room tomorrow :)

    Mrs. Colwell

  8. It's fun seeing how your classroom is coming along with each post! That's a good idea to hang a pocket chart on the back of a bookcase-anything to save space!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  9. Your room is coming together great! It looks like you've already made so much progress since the last update!

  10. Ok, are you willing to head north to help a girl set up! You are WAY efficient! Everything is coming together quickly, I can't wait to see your word wall :)

  11. Loved seeing pics of your classroom! I was thinking about having an overhead station this year, since I've pretty much stopped using mine after I got my SmartBoard. What types of activities do your kiddos do on it?

  12. Kristen, I can't wait until you get in your room. I have figured out that I have a talent for taking pictures while hiding the mess on the floor. Wait until you see the pictures I will post later today, you wont be asking for my help anymore. With that said, I WISH we taught in the same district! I would totally go help you out.

    Nina, because the overhead has been a popular topic, I was thinking of having a post just about activities your kids can do on it. However, just off the top of my head I can tell you I use some of the FCRR k/1 center activities. I just print them on a transparency and I have an instant overhead center.

    Look for more activities in the week to come.

    Ms. M


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