Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday 04/18/14

Hi Everyone,
It is another installment of...
1. Spring Art
On Wednesday I shared my Kinder Spring Art project.
However, I wasn't done there. My Firsties had to create something too.

This project was inspired by ARTventutous.
First, we did a direct drawing of a bunny. Then outlined and colored our bunny in crayon. The waxy crayon will keep the paint from getting on to the bunny.

Finally, we painted the background.
I love how they turned out.
2. Farming
Our farm unit is still going strong. There is so much to cover, so much to read, and we'v had a lot of interruptions so it is taking super long to get it all in, BUT I think we are almost done. One more week and I should be ready for another Theme Thursdays post.
3. Earth Day
How on Earth did I end up with so many Earth day books? 
That doesn't even include The Lorax, which is one I always use to teach with on Earth day. I have no idea how I will fit it all in.
4. Nonfic Research Reports
Our non-fiction animal research reports are done. I always LOVE how these turn out. I think I am finally ready to update my original Animal research report post. Look for it this week on my next installment of...
Writing on Wednesday. 
5. Surprises
Finally, I previously mentioned having a surprise for you all. This was a difficult week for me and I never got to posting about it, but I am working on getting this little goodie ready for you all. So come back often and keep your eyes open for a sweet surprise.
Here is a little clue for you all.
 It involves a sweet friend and a giveaway.
That's all folks.
Have a HAPPY Easter!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday & Art Linky With Eggs!

What would you have your kids put on their painted canvas?
Also... A Late...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peek at my week: ELL Lesson Plans 04/14/14

Back today with a Peek at my week linky.
Second week in a row that my plans are done early on Sunday. Hope I can keep this up for one more month. After that I am home free until August.
This is a short week for me. We are off on Friday, and Thursday afternoon I have a field trip to the NE history museum.

The Kinder kids will be starting their 2nd week of long vowels with long Ii. 
If you have been reading you know that my week was kind of a wash and we didn't get much done. Long story short, we will also continue our farm unit, with a focus on piggies. 
Books we will read are..
Farm resources...

First Grade
My first grade ELL students are going to be working on silent or "ghost" letters this week, kn, gn and wr. There isn't much out there for these silent letters so we will make Ghosts for each and write and sort the words into each. I will post pics for you all to see.
We will continue our Plant theme with some bunny fun at the end of the week.
Books we will read...
Plant Resources...
Bunny Craft...
That is all folks.
Oh and make sure you come back later this week for a surprise!
Here is a little funny to help you on your way this week. 
Wishing you a good one.
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Happy Planning!