Sunday, September 21, 2014

The many uses of a Dollar Spot Bucket/ Pail

I promised I'd be back and while it took me 2 and a half weeks I kept my promise. :)
Back in June, while I was unpacking, I posted a picture on Instagram of just half of the Dollar Spot mini buckets I own. This isn't even half of them.
I mean there is really no reason to have THAT many mini buckets. What is even crazier is that I got rid of none, and have purchased many more since this pic. #ObssessedTeacher I think every time I walk into Target I leave with mini buckets.

I got lots of question about what I do with all the buckets. If I am honest, half or more of them are in a cabinet. They went with my old theme, but I hesitate to throw them away because they can come in handy in a pinch. Plus I still love them.

HOWEVER, that got me thinking, what DO I do with them?
Here is what I came up with.
1. Pencils
This is the obvious one.
Erasers too! 
Easy way for students to get to them.
I have different sharp pencil buckets around the room for workstations too. All the dull go into the same bucket so I can sharpen them.
2. Crayons
This year I decided to do away with my glad container, that the students could never close, and always made a mess of the crayons, and use these mini buckets. 
They are the perfect size. The students take the bucket out, use their crayons, and then put it back when the activity is over. Super clean, just the way I like it.
They would work great for makers and color pencils too.
3. Math Manipulatives
I don't teach math so I don't have a pic. Whomp whomp. However, you can use your imagination. All those little pieces that are always all over the place would go nicely in these little buckets.
4. Letter or word sorts
Again, no pic, BUT with my kinder kids I have them sort capital magnetic letters in one bucket and lowercase in the other. For my Firsties, I have them sort by vowel pairs, digraphs, long and short vowels, you name it.
5. Gifts
They make great gift bags.
6. Birthdays
They are great for birthday snack, or cutlery.
I know lots of teachers have a little treat for their students birthday. 
7. Student Name Sticks and Clips
You know those popsicle sticks or clothes pins that you write your students name on, they fit perfectly in the mini pails.
8. Table Arrangements
Ok, this one is not really classroom related, but I thought it was nice. Maybe you could do something for the teachers lounge.
9. Craft Supplies.
This person put them on a Lazy Susan for easy access to all her craft supplies.
I think you get the point.
I don't think there is a bad way to use the pails/ mini buckets.
Do you have any other ways YOU use the mini pails/buckets.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Currently

Honestly I can't believe it has been a whole month. It is sad that the last time I posted was for the August Currently. The good news is that I have a list of ideas to post. I'll tell more later, but for now the September Currently.
I am watching the Outlander series on Starz. I haven't read the books, but I am so seriously hooked on this series. If you have the Starz network I highly recommend it. 
So if you have read any of my posts from last May or over this summer, you know I moved rooms. I took this opportunity to create a new theme in my class. I went with a navy, white, and turquoise Nautical theme, with touches of coral. The result is I absolutely love it. Everyone that comes into my room says how calming and soothing it is. Can't wait to get the pictures up for you all to see too. If you want some sneak peaks head on over to my Instagram feed. 
Seriously I am having pangs of guilt over this. I've been in school for 3 weeks now, and well I am still feeling so overwhelmed. However, I think I can make some time soon. :)
Like I mentioned, I am feeling a bit behind and overwhelmed. I think part of my problem is that I am still figuring out where I want everything to be. Don't misunderstand, I am completely unpacked, it is just still trial and error as to where all my centers and whatnot will find their permanent homes. I feel like I am constantly setting up.
I said I was still working out the best place for all of my workstations. The room has a slightly different arrangement, and it is smaller. Class has been going for 3 weeks now and the kids have been begging me for their workstation time. At the moment I am struggling with where to put my pocket chart. It used to live behind my bookshelf, but I downsized and well it doesn't work anymore. Tomorrow I am going to try placing it on the closet door.
HOWEVER, what I am really needing is this awful cold, I got last Friday (just in time to ruin the long weekend) to go away. At the moment it has dropped to my chest and is making me cough so much. :(
3 Trips:
Hawaii and New Zealand: I mean it is paradise. I want to feel the sun, learn to surf, and just generally relax on the beach.
Victoria, Canada: I've heard it is gorgeous, just want to take a peek and visit the Pacific.
Truth is the place I'd love to return to is Scotland, but couldn't choose it cause I've already been there.

With all that said, I make a promise to post more than once this month. I hope to be back soon with a tour, some tips and tricks. Hope you have a great rest of your short week!
For all of my blogger friends that just went back to work, hugs, you only have 3 more days until the weekend.
Oh! Before I forget, please go over to Farley's blog and check out the other 380+ bloggers who linked up this month. I was hoping to be number 400 but I don't think I have that much patience. 
Farley, the Linky rockstar.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Hello folks,
Another month, another Currently!
Have you all seen Sharknado? It is an absolute riot! SyFy just release the sequel, Sharknado: The Second One, a laugh a minute, it is so ridiculous.
Have you all seen my Instragram peeks into my classroom? Not following yet? Really? Go check it out, I am at @msk1ell. I promise that my big classroom reveal is coming up soon.
I don't even want to start writing it all out. It is no secret I moved rooms, I moved to a smaller room and I am having to get rid of some furniture and finding some smaller replacements. It is not easy. :/
I mentioned getting rid of some furniture, well the smaller shelf I am getting is purple. Not exactly working with my new Nautical theme. I don't like paint, so I am seriously thinking of completely covering it in contact paper. White, with Navy chevron in the inside. We shall see if I actually get it done.
Seriously I am wanting a Cameo so bad. Normally I just purchase all the goodies I see on Etsy, but as I see more and more of them creep up, I am wanting to make my own.
1st Day Back:
It is officially my last weekend before I start back. I am back on Monday, August 4th and the kids come back the week after, Tuesday, August 12th.
That's all folks, I am off to go enjoy my last few days off!
Make sure you click on that orange heart Instagram button, on the top right of my blog, so you can keep up with my classroom progress. 
From a mess to success!
Oh! Before I forget, please go over to Farley's blog and give that lady some much needed love. She has been through a lot this past month.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nicky Newsletter Template

Ladies and gents I am back at work. Can you believe it? I almost can't, totally spaced it out all weekends, just refused to think about it. Luckily I am only back for half days, getting the Kinder babies ready for Kindergarten with a 2 week long Kinder bootcamp we are calling Jumpstart. :)

Have I told you that I am a night owl? I know that some of you have been staying up late along with me and sleeping in, but I stay up late even when I have to be up ay 6:30am. Now that I have been getting up at about 11:00am I have been staying up past 2 am every night! So I am pretty much guessing that I will be going home to nap when I get off at noon. 

The good news is that in my time off I have been creating some new templates. Some I have given a face lift to, new fonts and a little tweaking here and there but others I made from scratch. I had an order for a custom newsletter template not that long ago and it made me realize that I don't have a newsletter template available on A Teacher's Plan. So without further ado I bring you...

Nicky Newsletter
The words version of this newsletter is completely editable and has 5 sections customizable to your needs. The PDF version will have sections labeled for a Message from the Teacher, Important Dates, Reminders, upcoming Objectives and even a section for the Teacher Contact Info. I used 3 fonts in this template, SF Slapstick Comic, Penelope Anne, and Simplicity. This template is sold in color but also available in black and white if you wanted to save on some ink. If you want it in B&W just mention it during checkout. Here is an example of it in use.
I will be having a giveaway for this template on my Face Book, Twitter and Instagram pages so make sure you are following for a chance to win. Just click on those cutie little hearts to find me on social media. 
If you want to want to purchase the template I am going to put it on sale for the next 24 hours. Click on the button below to go to A Teacher's Plan and purchase.
Hope your Monday is more restful than mine!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It: 07/07/14

Hi ladies and gents!
It is Monday and that means that it is time for Monday Made It
I've been looking forward to this post for some time now. 
Some time ago I was on Etsy looking around, I do that A LOT, and saw these fab boards.
I fell in love with them but they cost anywhere between $50.00 to $70.00, and while I think that the creators absolutely should be paid for their hard work, I am poor. I just couldn't afford it.
Then a lightbulb turned on. I have a cork board, which I was thinking of getting rid of because I hate the brown border. It just never matched my room.
I even tried to cover it in washi tape to make it less offensive. 
Didn't work for me.
Now for the face lift...
I started by uncovering the board. 
The green no longer went with my new nautical theme so I was switching to a navy chevron for this project.
I started by using regular push pins to hold the fabric in place.
Once the fabric was right where Iw anted it I started by adding thumb tacks to the corners.
Next, I added thumb tacks to the center point between the corners.
I did this all the way around.
 Once all my thumb tacks were down (when I ran out of thumbtacks) it was time to fold over the fabric. I want to say that I plan to come back and add more thumbtacks, I just have to buy some.
I folded one side over.
 I used Scor Pal tape because I knew it would stick, and I wanted this project to be low maintenance. If I had used some gooey adhesive it would have needed dry time. Another added bonus is that if/when I want to change the fabric I can pull it off the tape.
I cut pieces of the tape and laid them down all around the border edge.
 I went all the way around, folding the fabric back as I went.
 When I got tape down on all sides...
 I added some more. :P
Next it was time to fold over.
 Ummmm, obviously I didn't center it right. Oops, no matter that is the back right. For this part I used my stapler. I went all the way around just like with the thumbtacks, once side at a time.
 Here is the finished product. 
I wish I had ironed the fabric before to get rid of that crease.
Boo, shame on me.
 A closer look at the tacks. Visible and invisible too!
Finally, here it is above the computers. It will hang on this wall once I get the hooks up.
What do you think?
Come check out all the other creations on Tara's blog by clicking on the button below.

Friday, July 4, 2014

4 on the Fourth 2014

Hello ladies and gents,
Hope you are having a happy 4th. It's been surprisingly quiet here today. I bet tonight there will be some non stop popping and exploding. 
Two years ago I hosted a 4 on the Fourth linky party, and asked you all to share 4 new things that you would be doing in your classrooms in the coming year. 
I wanted to do something similar today, except I want to open it up a bit. So join me for the 2014, 4 on the Fourth!
I want to share, and for you to share, four things that relate in some way.
It can be...
Don't you just love Instagram? I do. 

4 classroom pictures.
(My old room)
I always love peeking into your rooms. 

4 items on sale in your shop.
I know there are lots of sales happening this weekend. 
Mine is having a 10% off sale.
Actually my whole shop is on sale, these are just 4 of the 24 Pre-Made Templates available.

4 items you recently wish-listed.
I am waiting for the Preppy Nautical Turquoise. ;)

4 items you recently purchased.
From Target
My pocket book is getting pretty thin. 

4 activities you are working on. 
This last one is a sneak peek at my Monday Made It post. :)

4 outfits you are packing for Vegas.
These are from my Clothing inspiration Pinterest board.
I'm not going to Vegas but I expect to be living vicariously through you all that are going. 

4 items on your delicious, but still healthy,  meals today.
Red, white and blue potato salad
All vegan.

I think you get the point.
Whatever your 4 are I want to see it. :)
So grab this button, and link up.
Ms. M's Blog

    An InLinkz Link-up
Happy 4th of July everyone.
Oh and stay safe!