Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Classroom Part 6

Several of you sweet people out here in blog land have been commenting on how nice my room looks. Thank you so very much, I appreciate every comment. They really do make me smile when I read them. HOWEVER, I feel like I am giving you all the wrong impression. My room is truly still a bit of a mess. Just take a peek at what is developing behind my wonderful new teacher area.
This is the case on the floor of the rest of my room, too. UGH, I hope this is not an indicator of things to come. I better get this under control soon.

When I went in yesterday, I had to do something to cheer myself up so I put my fancy signs & banners up!
Here is my Ladybug banner from Parkers Prints.
If you go to her blog, you can see my new banner, for my second room. :)

Here is my custom sign from Hadar.

Let me not forget my wonderful polka dot sign from Porter's Polka Dots.
Obviously, you can't see the full cuteness, because my name is blurred for privacy reasons. But trust me it is just darling!
I think Hadar is right I have a sign/ Banner Addiction problem. However, I think it is just a cute item addiction problem. Seriously, who can resist Polka Dots?

Let me get on with the work I got done yesterday.
 I organized some of my Writing materials, mentor texts and lesson binders, in am easy to reach place.
 I put all my student files in my new mini file cabinet. :)
 I laminated a TON of bulletin board goodies.
 AND I put up the rest of my word wall. 

Now if you look at the picture below you will see I was struggling with 2 different boarders for my word wall. I should have ordered CTP's Waves of Blue boarder but I messed up. I'll know better next year. I love the Kaleidoscope Border below but I bought them for my Surfing room and well, they didn't work for me with this paper.
 I tried my Lots of Dot's Blue Boarder. I like it better, but it wasn't really for an Ocean of Words. However, it did go with the color scheme. Can you tell which won out?
 As you can see, I have some puckering. That is one problem with not using one big sheet of butcher paper. I'll have to do some touch up, before I put my letters on the wall.
What do you think of how it turned out?

I got a few inquiries as to what I have my students work on at the Overhead Station. I will write a post on that in the weeks to come. However, if you are looking for something NOW, one of the things I do is just print up an FCRR k/1 Center Binder activities on to transparency paper and voila and instant Over Head Center Activity. You could also print up those wonderful word sorts, you all make, on to transparency paper.

I wont be going in today because I have some stuff to take care of this afternoon, but can you guess what I will be doing tonight as I watch tv?
Cutting out all my fancy bulletin board decorations. :/


  1. Don't worry about the mess! I have a huge mess, too, but I hope to get it all taken care of next week. I love your word wall. Mine has been reduced to one and a half tall cabinet doors... should be interesting. Anyhow, I plan to actually use my file cabinet this year and I am pretty excited about it. Last year I just threw junk in it. haha! you have such cute ideas. I'm with you on the polka dots, I cannot resist them!

  2. Ms. M--gotta say I'm jealous of the cuteness of your room. I may have to walk down the hall to check it out the next time I'm in the building!

  3. Kristin,
    I had NO CLUE you were on here! What a surprise. :) Feel free to check out my room. Every time I go in I take peeks at other rooms to see how you all are coming along too.

    Carson is such a cutie, love that picture.

    Ms. M

  4. Coming along nicely! I can't wait to get into mine... And I must say, cutting out laminating is the worst!! :/


  5. Your room looks great! I have been in my room a couple of times and I hope to go back to finish up really soon. There is a bit of chaos on each one of my tables that I hope to conquer. I love your banners.


  6. Well, Ms. M, all I have to say is thank goodness your entire room isn't perfect yet! I was starting to panic at thought of how my setup always goes!! That's more like it--lol! Really, I just love your cute personalized items, they make the room so homey and inviting. And your word wall color choices are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the progress, it has been so fun to see!
    Kristen :)

  7. Your teacher area looks very organized. That is something I am def. working on this year!


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