Friday, February 4, 2011

They arrived!

So remember about a week or two ago I posted about some fun & cute pointers. I also told you bout Hadar's wonderful highlighter pointers. Well Hadar is so generous that she sent me a pack of colored file folders to make a set for myself too! 

Well they arrived today. I walked in to work all bundled up and carrying my million bags. I go to my mailbox and there was a manila folder! I was very excited. I think if it weren't the 100th day, I would have made them by now. However, today has been insane & I have not had a minute to breath. I think I will make them this weekend.

Thank you very much Hadar!!!

If I get a chance I will post about our 100 day happenings & share some printables. If not, enjoy the weekend!

Ms. M


  1. YAY!! happy they made it! Sorry about the fold, they didn't quite fit haha but I figured it wouldn't matter since you're going to cut them up anyway. Have fun making them!

  2. Oh I am not worried about the fold. I thought the same thing, they are getting cut up anyway. I am very excited. Thanks again.

    Ms. M


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