Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whirl Wind

That is the only thing I can think of to call it. I can't believe that I've been teaching for a week... in 2 schools and I have survived. Although I have TONS to share I have forgotten to take pictures of my spaces... daily. I have so much to show you, I feel so dumb, but I am going to call it "first week back brain".

I do have pictures of my finished room B word wall.
I really wanted to use laminated construction paper, in 2 colors, like room A's word wall, but I couldn't get them to fit the way I wanted to on the doors. So I went with plain brown butcher paper, to go with the "Surf Shack" theme I am going for. I am super happy with the border. I am glad I saved it for this word wall, it matches much better.
I am thinking of adding a vertical strip to separate the letters further. What do you think?
 I love my Hawaiian print circle letters. They were cut using my new fancy circle cutter, just like Kristen. They were made by Christie, from Teaching in Flip Flops. You might know her from the tons of zebra print items she currently has up on her blog for free. Yes, you heard me right she sell some stuff on Teacher's Notebook, but also has some great resources on her blog for FREE. I am sure you will see many of the zebra freebies featured on here in my "Wild Animal" class, aka classroom A. Don't forget to stop by her blog and send her some love, if you download some of her resources. You'll find the button below.

She was such a doll, I just politely asked her if she would be willing to recreate some of her resources for me with a surfing theme and she did! I am super excited about all the goodies I got from her. Of course I don't have pictures, but I will definitely take more pictures this week.

I am off now to relax a bit before the madness begins again.

Click here to hop on over to Teaching in Flip Flop. 

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  1. I love how your word wall turned out! I wouldn't add any more lines....it just limits the space in case one letter has more words than the one next to it!


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