Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classroom B Update

Yesterday, I put up pictures of Class A. Today I want to share Class B.

I've wanted to recreate Deanna Jumps Surf Shack student work board, and I have tried but I am a bit short on space. This is what I came up with. I made the surfboards and attached them to brown & teal construction paper. Then I added a clothes pin to hold the student work. Again Deanna's is different her clips are behind the surfboards, but I had trouble attaching them, because of the recessed windows on the doors. Anyway, I am going to keep working on it.
These are my Kinder Kids rainbow names on display.
 A look at the window and door from the outside.
 Here is my other door with my 1st graders surfboards. We aren't displaying anything yet.

 My calendar... that I just adore.
 This is my new favorite item in this room. The 6 traits posters were made by Christie, from Teaching in Flip Flops. You can read all about all the goodies she made me here. The shell and ribbon came from Jaime's ETSY store. All I did was ask her for some ocean theme & she made this cutie. I am going to order a second and want one for Class A too.
 Isn't it cute! I was going to use double sided tape to attache the poster to the ribbon but I had forgotten it at home and I REALLY wanted it up. So I tried these clothes pins and I liked it so much I am keeping it.

 My board and Alphafriends. See my "When I'm Done..." anchor chart? I like ti but my students are getting tired of me pointing to it, and I am getting tired of hearing "I'm Done". So let's hope it sinks in soon.
 My Word Wall again.
 I usually punch holes in my charts and hang them on hooks, but these clips were handy and my hole puncher was not so I tried it. It is not as easy as my hooks but it get's the job done.
 These nest few shots are of my space, which is also my students space.

So no you have seen room A & B. What do you think?


  1. Man oh man your room looks awesome! Mine still isn't where I really want it to be!

    Hey- I just posted about how to make your blog buttons roll!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thanks Jennifer. :) I am sure you will get there too.

    I saw your post. Now I have to find 5 min to do it. Thanks a bunch!

    Ms. M

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