Saturday, August 27, 2011

My room... as close to finished as it's going to get.

I have to face it, my room is a work in progress... both of them. I tried to get ahead and work on room A before school began, but damn it is HARD to set up 2 rooms. Anyway, here is my finished, for now, classroom.

Classroom A
The outside of my room.

I got two of my student work boards up, but I have so many students I will have to put up a third.

Next up, my "Line Order". I love how it turned out. :) I got a fancy scrapbook paper with arrows for my header. Too bad that the lamination makes the glare. BTW, red is for Kinder, blue is for 1st and green is for my 2nd graders.
Here are the numbers for my line. They came from Mrs. Pollard from Tales of a Teacherista.
If you read my post about line order you know I use these numbers for everything. Here is a smaller number that assigns my students places in our whole group area.
These lovely dots came from Christie from Teaching in Flip Flops. As you can see I also have them o the desks to assign their table seats.

Here are a few wide shots of my room.

 My teacher area.
See those stools? Look familiar? They used to be part of some of my other centers. They have been re-purposed for my guided reading groups. When not in use they are stacked and tucked under the table.
I finally put up my writing posters. I knew they wouldn't all fit. :( I thought I could live with it. However, now I am not sure.

I know the pictures are not great. They don't showcase any particular area just more of a general look into one of my rooms. I'll have to take better pictures next week.

Come back tomorrow for some shots of Classroom B.


  1. Looking good, Miss! Those numbers would be an easy way to label the Writing Folders if you were stuck.

    ✪ Liam ✪
    Twist of Liam

  2. Is there a reason you don't have ceilings? Does it make you feel like you're in a WalMart? I suppose it's just something you're use to.

    I also assign numbers to students. Makes life a lot easier for me...and the students when we're in line, where to sit, and seeing what assignments are in.

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. Thanks Liam. I thought about labeling the writing folders with numbers too, but I want my students to also identify their names so I used those.

    Pat, The building where we are this year is kind of a warehouse that has been re purposed with these half walls. It is not our permanent home. We are only there this year while our building is being renovated. It's not too bad. Actually the worst part is the unfinished ceiling and the huge air vents.

    Ms. M

  4. 2 weeks in and my walls are still too bare, I've been busy!! I'm about to head back there today to complete my walls!

  5. Love it, of course! Can't wait to see Room B! {It's like you gave birth to twins you haven't named yet! Baby A and Baby B lol}

  6. You made me laugh so hard with the twins comment!

    Ms. M

  7. Everything looks wonderful, though that's no surprise in your room. I STILL can't believe you had to set up two rooms this year. I think you deserve twice as many days for the next vacation!!! Talk to you soon :)

  8. Two rooms is a lot, but you are so good at decorating them! Seeing these types of posts makes me wish I had a room to decorate :)

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