Thursday, May 31, 2012

Save that page...

Hi everyone,

Hope you didn't miss me too much. Oh who am I kidding I hope you missed me a ton! Obviously life got pretty complex for me in the past two months and I have been a bit MIA. No blogging, and no reading blogs. OMG, I can't tell you how many kinds of busy I was. However, last Thursdays the kids let out. On Friday, with the help of several colleagues I was able to pack up my room, again, and close up shop for the summer!

Pack up? Yes, remember I was away for relocation. Now I have to wait 2 full months before I can move back into our building and rebuild my class in a new space. I had some great ideas to post about and yet, I was unable to snap any pictures. So they have been tabled until a better time. So I am now on vaca, but truthfully teaching and my classroom is never too far away from my thoughts. So here I am on my 6th day of summer vacation, siting in a professional development on a 15 minute break writing to you!

I was reminded of this activity/ strategy while I was packing up my students reading anthologies. This is a simple yet very effective strategy to have your students mark their page in their book. In simpler terms, a book mark.

My students reading anthologies have multiple stories in them and it is very time consuming to help all those little hands find page 52 or 97. So one day I just gave them all one of my favorite school supplies, sticky notes!

I have a number system in my room where my students are each assigned a number. So I started by numbering sticky notes and adding one to each anthology.
 When I passed out the books and introduced the sticky note process I had the kids put the sticky note at the start of the story we would read. Then after reading they would stick it at the start of the next story for easy page finding.
 It has made my life and my students lives so much easier when we are ready to read.

If your still in school I hope this helps.
If your out for summer break... Congrats!

Either way I optimistic about writing more often this summer.