Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday (09/21/13)

Hi Everyone,
It is Five for Friday, on Saturday.
1. Sit Spots
First heard of these wonderful creations from Kathleen, Growing Kinders, Line Up post. Loved them so much I ordered a free sample. When it arrived I ran around the building showing it to everyone and proceeded to order.
They arrived! Well I should say they arrived last Friday and I was so excited I put them down the very same day. Check out my not so straight line, BUT look at how they match the "line up here" sign I love so much. :)
 The kids loved them, I love them and then... we had a mishap. I should say a mis communication and they were gone. :( So I got a second set. Love them just as much. :) Can't wait for the kids to see them on Monday. They will be so excited.
If you haven't heard of them, jump on over to their website and check them out. One of the best things to happen for teachers in a long time.

2. Brittany Fuson
You know what else came? My beautiful new planner from Brittany Fuson. So super cute and was super excited to see one of my fave images on the cover. I already shared with a close friend that it is her and I on the cover. All black and a scarf, so me. :)

3. Capitol Building
The view down the street from my school. Pretty isn't it?

4. Writing Notebooks
Love how these turned out despite being the wrong color. Something I will live with cause I secretly love it. Gave them to the kids today. :) They like them too.

5. Coven
Not to much a pic, but a vid. I am hooked on to American Horror Story and I am looking forward to the new season, Coven, so much. Have to wait a few more weeks though. Meanwhile I have been enjoying all the teaser trailers.
 Yeah, I did that, :) Love how they turned out. It will be my next Monday Made It post. :)

That's all folks.
Have a great weekend. 
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Made It: Chevron Notebook Covers

Hi everyone, I'm back for another Monday Made It. This week I am sharing a project that is near and dear to my heart. 
Let me introduce you to my Kinder Kids journals. This is something new I am trying this year. I decided wanted my students to have something to do as they sat on the carpet during our whole group meeting time and so I will try having them work in here as I work on the easel.
They didn't always look so adorable. As a matter a fact I didn't like them at all when we started. I had every intention of getting already cute notebooks and cutting them in half, but life got in the way and I did not want to put that much effort into it. So here is where I began.
I know they aren't that bad but I really had my heart set on some of those chevron shorty notebooks, I just refused to pay THAT much for them. They were 3x the price of a full one. I knew I could do better.

 Step 1 is to print your cover page. I cut the left sides of off mine so that the page would be centered. However I wanted the top, bottom and right side left on so that I could fold over.
Step 2 is to mix your glue, regular white glue with water. I did not measure, I just, very slowly added water until it was the consistency I wanted, like honey. If it is too thin, add more glue, too thick add more water.
 I put it in a wide lip cup and used a paintbrush to mix and apply.
Step 3, I cleared my surface and applied a coat of the water glue to the cover of the composition notebook.
Once a layer was on the cover I placed the sheet on top just where I wanted it and moved on to the next notebook. I had 25 of these to do.
I left the top, bottom and sides out on purpose. I wanted the font cover to dry before I applied more wet glue to the back. I was afraid of having a soggy mess. So this is what my floor looked like.
I turned them upside down to ensure that the cover would dry flat and not curve due to the moisture. I then left them to dry over night.

Day 2.
For this side I placed a pice of large construction paper under my notebook to ensure that could glue all the way to the edge without fear of making a mess of my table. First, I opened my front cover.
 Next, I applied a layer of glue on the just the outer flaps of the cover and folded the corners in.
 Then I folded the top and bottom flaps in.
 Last, I folded the right side of the flap in.
 This time I stacked them up to add weight as they dried. Again dry over night.

So what do you think? I'm kind of in love with how they look.

I liked it so much I repeated the process with my First graders spiral notebooks. Though I did not fold the flaps over. I cut all 4 sides and clipped the edges with my corner cutter.
Final product.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday (09/06/13)

Hi Everyone,
It is Five for Friday, on FRIDAY.
1. Colors
This week I started teaching colors in Kindergarten. I have so many GREAT items and units, I can sometimes be overwhelmed trying to do it all. However, I do want to share my latest color purchase. I am loving Rachel's, The Tattooed Teacher, 50 shades of color posters. Finally got them laminated and putting them up as we speak.


2. Happy Birthday
Students birthday today. :)

3. Guided Reading Boards
I am looking to overhaul my guided reading board. Last year I was using these boards to display the students in each group, but I want to find a better way to use the boards. I will keep you posted as to what I finally do with them.
Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that they are different colors? Can we say OCD.

4. Journals
To borrow Abby's catch line, Oh my word! I can't tell you how much I love my students journals this year. See those covers?
 Yeah, I did that, :) Love how they turned out. It will be my next Monday Made It post. :)

5. Numbers
My ELL level one kids are learning numbers 1-20 and they are doing so well. Love how big these are. If you are interested, they come from Sara Cooley's, First Grader At Last, TPT shop. Can't wait to get the matching letters printed, laminated, cut out and put up.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Five for Friday: 08/23/13

Hi Everyone,
It is Five for Friday, on FRIDAY.
1. Laminating
So school is well underway. Week 2 is done. However, as you may know the big TN & TPT sales just ended and I have tons of new items that are in need of laminating. So guess what I am going to attempt to do this weekend???
2. Picture directions
One of the things I DID get in place this week was Hadar's, Miss. Kindergartens picture directions. Can't tell you what a life saver this is with the little ones, and more specifically the ELL/ ESL kids. This set is super cute too. Comes in chevron AND polkadots.
 Store them in a clear file on the board. Love it!
3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
This week was all about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and our names. Always love how this activity turns out. It is from Deanna Jumps Name Unit.
4. New Word Wall Words
Oh my is this a task. Finally got them all cut out. Now to sort and bag them by week.
5. Wheels on the Bus
Next week I get to start on one of my fave books & songs, the Wheels on the Bus. We will do some more name work, initial sounds and even a bus craftie with the Wheels on the Bus.
That's all folks. Have a great weekend. Don't forget to check out all the other bloggers on Doodlebugs Five for Friday Linky.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Made It: Write and Wipe Table Spots

I've been meaning to share this post with you for 3 weeks now. However, we all know how life gets in the way, so without further ado.
I originally saw these whiteboard spot 2 years ago when a fellow teacher at my school put them on her guided reading table. Shortly after I saw some other bloggers do the same. I thought it was just brilliant and had to copy. 

Silly part was that it took me 2 years to do it. It was partly because I didn't want to pay so much for the of, I'm going to call them, write and wipe sheets. However, this year I found them, and for a pretty darn good price. Just had to snatch them up.
I started by cleaning the table and laying out the sheets.
Next, I measured the distance from the edge and each other.
 I stuck one down, and moved to another.
 I was surprised at how easy they were to put down, and though I did not have to lift any off, it felt like they were a bit forgiving.
 Some were a little off, not a perfect line, but I don't mind too much. I added my table runner, so that I could protect the write and wipe sheets from some of my binders and books. However, I will remove this during my guided reading time.
 Here is a picture of the table with the fab new duct tape stools.
 As well as a picture of it in use.
Recently I saw Kristen, from Ladybug Teacher Files, added these sheets to the back of her clipboard. I love that idea, I may be making some of those in the future.

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