Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simple Kid Holiday Projects

This year I wanted to keep it simple with my student projects. I am at two different schools and it is not fun lugging materials around. Especially not in the snow. So as I mentioned I wanted to keep it simple. So this year I decided I would have my Kinder Kids decorate a tree with their name in ornaments. Super simple. The hardest part was making the tree.

I started by cutting strips of green butcher paper and laid them all out. I cut each one shorter than the other. Then I cut a piece of brown construction paper in half and used that as the bark. I found this great free font called CK Tree Ornaments to type up the students names. I game each student a sheet with their name. They colored it and cut it out. The following day we added the ornaments to the tree. The smallest name going at the top, and the largest name at the bottom. The final step was to add the star at the top of the tree. I think it looks great, and my ELL students that have never in their lives decorate a tree got to experience what it is like. :) 
Here is what they look like.
The smaller tree is from School B where I only have 6 kinder kids.

The larger tree is from School A where I have 14 Kinder kids.

I wanted something different for my 1st graders. School A is not finished so I don't have pictures to share, but it will look just like School B's down below, just more.

For this activity I use the DJ Inkers font called DJ Twinkels. I bought this font last year on an whim and did not find a use for it until this year. If your interested I believe it is on sale now. So I printed the students names again. These should be in color, and had the students cut them out and attach them to the Twinery's Bakers Twine. I let the students choose the color twine they wanted to use.
Here is how it turned out.

A close up.

Again I love how simple, yet cut it came out.

Other Holiday items are our Menorah and our Kwanza chain link.

On another decorating tip. You know all those wonderful holiday subway art print avaliable. Well, I don't use them at home, I use them in my class. It is an excellent way to decorate the room while teaching my students some holiday vocabulary. Eighteen 25 is having a "Where in the world, is your Christmas subway art" linky party and I just happen to have mine up in my room. Take a peek.
 My students love coming up to the poster during writing time to use the words in their seasonal stories.
All I did was punch two holes and add a ribbon, and Ta-da!

So whatever you do to decorate your class or home I hope you enjoy the season.


  1. I am obsessed with those trees!!! How cute!!!

  2. Love the trees, too. I've never seen that.
    Grade ONEderful

  3. so cute! I think the twine is the perfect accent to your classroom decorations!

  4. Hadar & Barbara, I can't remember where I saw it first but I thought it was darling and simple. I save the picture and just copied. :) When ever I try to draw the tree I get it all wrong so this was perfect.

    Stephanie, I love using the Twinery twine. It is a quick simple way to accent a lot of our projects. Did you get to see my holiday door ornaments that I created with the twine. They are a few posts back.

    Ms. M

  5. LOVE love love the trees! I've got to do that next year!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  6. Love the trees! Definitely want to try for December!

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