Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classroom Update #8

On Thursday I was at a building development and I got a few things in order before I left. Take a peek.

Remember when I fell? Well, here is what I was organizing when I busted my behind. They are the wonderful Really Good Stuff organizers. I got 4 with the help of the very generous Tamara from TBA and Teaching with TLC. She graciously awarded me with her Really Good Stuff certificate. I am SUPER appreciative.
 I plan to use these containers to organize my themes and activities by Qtr. I am sure I will post more about this at a later date. I do have to say they are not the color I envisioned them to be from the website. HOWEVER, they match much better with my color scheme than the others so it was a happy coincidence. Can you see they match perfectly with my cart.

Here are the tubs I bought with the rest of the gift certificate, also from Really Good Stuff. Again the colors are not what I thought they would be but I can live with it.
 Now if I could only get this organized. :/ It is a source of distress for me. I try not to look at it when I am in my room.

I did put up the letters on my Word Wall. It is almost finished. This is the longest it has EVER taken me to put up a word wall. I just want to put up a title. I was thinking of "Word Wave."

Finally, I set up and pluged in my classroom computer. If you remember I just about cried when they took the computer out of my class last year. this year the librarian has a few extra and she graciously offered me one for my room. I saw another teacher in my district set her's up on a bottom shelf in her room and I liked it. So I thought of this. I do have to clean the top of the cart, it is pretty gross. I think I will laminate a sheet of paper that my students can use for a mouse pad on the floor. More on this workstation/ center later.

I did make it in to my 2nd school yesterday, and I got a look at my space. All I can say is that I am going to have to get creative again. I did take pictures and will post them tomorrow. So stop back you may have a wonderful idea for me.


  1. Hey Ms. M! I don't know how I can be so far behind in my blog reading. Here I was thinking summer would give me ample time on the blogs, but I keep falling behind. I need to go back to school! So I can catch up!

    So looking back, I am so sorry you hurt yourself. Sounds like something I would do :/ I loved seeing the what do you have to say board, I just love that idea!

    Your storage is beautiful! I like the title "Word Wave", really catchy. I also like the computer down low like that--the kids will love it!

    I can't wait to see your 2nd room. If there's anyone who can make any space look fantastic, it's definitely you! Good luck, talk to you soon :)

  2. make fabric curtains and use a tension rod on the bookshelf! i used to have shelves like that in my old building and it made all the difference! i didnt stress out over how it looked and if it was organized because i couldnt see it!!!

  3. Hi Ms. M! I'm so sorry that you fell. I missed that somehow. I hope you are feeling much better.

    I love your new storage containers. They are very colorful and will make your classroom look even more fun! I am so happy for you!

    Teaching Blog Addict
    ♥Teaching with TLC


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