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Throwback Thursday 07/11/13: Important Book of Kinder Words

Happy Thursday!
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Throwback Thursday: an ode to old blog posts. :)

**********Original post published on September 06, 2011**********
I can't take credit for this idea. It is not my own. Before I started working in my current district I subbed for 2 years. It was hard to do because I had just come off of teaching for 3 years in my previous state and REALLY wanted my own class. However, it was probably the most valuable thing I did. Why? I got to know several people in several schools and I made many connections. However, my favorite part was getting to go into other teachers classes and seeing how they, organized their rooms, their anchor charts, their teaching strategies, and their WONDERFUL ideas. This idea came from a fantastic, at the time kindergarten teacher, now a First grade teacher.

Every time I subbed in his room he pulled out "The Very Very Important Book Of Kindergarten Words!" Immediately I was intrigued. What could this be? To put it simply it is a binder with the Kindergarten High Frequency Words.

Ever since I got my own room, I have made this book with my students and they love it! Every week we look for our weekly words in the books we read. They love looking for these words and are super excited when they find them. Of course I am super proud and make a huge deal about it.

Once the words are found in the text I also print up a sheet with the HFW on it twice, once with the capital letter and one with the lowercase letter. I then make a photocopy of the page and highlight the HFW in the text. I make them in black and white to save on money, but you could make them in color if you choose to do so.I chop it all up and glue it on the main HFW page.

We read this book several times a week to increase fluency. Mainly, I read it on Mondays, when I introduce the new word, Wednesdays, when I read the story, and Fridays, when we add the words to the Word Wall.

At the end of the year, I bind all the pages we have made and add it to my class library. The last couple of weeks the kids get to read this at the reading workstation/ center. I just have to mention it is the favored book for those last few days. They are so proud of their work, but most importantly they are proud they can read it independently!

Enough of me talking. Want to see what it looks like? 
Take a peek at the one we created last year.
 Here is the front cover.
 In no particular order.
I like to find books with large text.
(Click on the pictures to make it larger.)
 However, when I can't, I type up the text, print it up and glue it to the page.

 My favorite...
 My students favorite.
Occasionally I can't find a book with the HFW, that fits in the theme we are studying. In those cases I use our Guided reading books.

I have tried to do this with my First graders and have not been able to do it because of the amount of words my students learn in First grade. However, I had an epiphany, theme vocabulary! for example when we study farms this year I will pull some farm vocab and have them find those words in the text. Them we will bind the book at the end of the theme. What I love about this idea is that the students will get their hands on the theme vocab books faster. They won't have to wait until the end of the year to get their hands on it.

This can also be used with the older kids. Just pick your theme or your set of words and look for the words in the text. Once your book is complete just bind it and put it in your class library! :)

To encourage you to try this out I made a cover sheet for you.
I revamped mine this year and thought I would share.
Kinder Wd Bk

I toyed with the idea of putting up all the HFW pages for you, BUT everyone's words are different so I thought I would leave it up to you. I hope you do try this. I know my students and I love doing it. I thank Mr. Kindergarten/ 1st grade for introducing me to this every year.

I have to admit that last year kind of got away from me and we did not do the book, and I MISSED it. I will definitely be bringing it back this year.
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently in July

Yay for Currently! Here is mine...

Listening: One of those bands you listen to when you want something really loud.

Loving: I swear I am already partially deaf from all those all nights I partied at the all night clubs in Miami. You know the ones where you are next to the HUGE speakers and you leave holding your 3inch heels, as the sun is coming up and your ears are ringing. Stupid things I did in my early 20's. But seriously I love loud music. It drowns out my horrible singing.

Thinking: So here is the deal I LOVE, absolutely and in love with my surf theme. I just put it up for the first time last year so I have at least 2 more years with it. (I tend to spend about 3 years on a theme.) I am super excited about decorating with it again, BUT I find myself longingly looking at all the cute new decore packs you all are creating. So I keep trying to find ways to incorporate it all, and truth is, I can't. As Cara Carroll would say "sadsville".

Wanting: Well, this would go with my previous comment. If I had tons of disposable cash and 3 classrooms, I would feel so much better, cause I could have all the fabulous themes out there. LOL I know I am being ridiculous  but that is part of who I am. I'll get over it. :) Plus, whatever I buy and don't end up using goes to my fabulous colleagues. Right ML?

Needing: I think this one is self explanatory. :) Growing up 30 minutes from a beach and 10 min from a private pool spoiled me. The one thing I miss from FL is water, specifically jumping in a pool and swimming for hours, on those hot summer days. 

Tips, Tricks, or Hints: Honestly I don't have many. The only thing I know is that no matter what, you have to enjoy the small things. You know like a good sale, fabulous chevron patterns, chocolate croissants, Face Time with far away friends, french fries, laughing hysterically at funny meems, and finding $5.00 in the pocket of some jeans.
Enjoy the days lovelies.