Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Nest

I am participating in the Show Me Your Nest Linky Party & Give Away over at Oh' Boy 3rd Grade.

I have to tell 3 things... the Good, the Bad, & the UGLY about your nest, aka my teacher desk.

Here I go.

The good:
- I love how petite it is. When I moved into my room I had a difficult time because it is so small. I d because my room is so small. I went to Walmart & got myself this little thing. I put it together myself & is the perfect size for my room. It has 1 drawer & 2 cubbie holes for storage.
-  I love my green 3 drawer rolling cart where I store all my other desk items that don't fit in my desk. The drawers are deep but transparent. I adore the color too,  I think that is my favorite part.
- I love the storage unit behind my desk too. I wish it were a bit bigger bt it works. It is the only storage that was in my room when I moved in. I keep all my (unorganized picture books) in the two closed shelves on top & all my teachers manuals & professional books below.
- I love that I was able to use the bulletin board by my desk for my important papers & teacher calendar/planner.

The bad:
- Because my room is so small & I have very little storage, I stuff everything behind my desk to hide it. It get's cluttered very fast.
- I love that my desk is small, but at the same time it is also a problem because things often fall or are knocked off of my desk.
- If you look to the right of the picture below you will see a big monster of an air conditioning/ heating unit. It is a monster & takes up quite a bit of my space. I would have more storage were it not for this thing. I can't even put a lot on top because that is where the vents are

The ugly:
- The clutter. I don't know what is going on with me this year. I normally don't have clutter on my desk. I at least hide it, but this year papers & just random things have been piling up on me. It is driving me nuts to have mountains of papers around me.
- I don't like the unfinished part of my desk that faces out towards the students. Last year I had it covered by a dry erase board that the students used as a work station. However, that didn't work out & I had to move it to another location. I will have to work on making that look nicer.
- Again I think that big air conditioning/ heating unit is kind of ugly.

That's my nest. NOW... I want to see your nest too. Head on over to Show Me Your Nest Linky Party & Give Away and link up.

Ms. M


  1. thanks for linking up!!! i think your itty bitty desk is cute :)

  2. WHEW! My desk looks the same from the back! I TRY to keep my area as tight (small) as possible. My room is average size, but I have 29 kiddos who are VERY YOUNG socailly! They NEED the room!
    Will have to post and link up when I get a chance!

  3. Some funky fun fabric would be a cute fix for the back of your desk. I can feel your pain, I try to cover all things nasty in my classroom with cute contact paper. The only problem with that is that eventually it starts peeling off... and ugly with peeling contact paper is even worst than plain ugly.


  4. I love that your desk is white! It makes it look fresh. As for the clutter...mine is bad this year too. How, How do people keep their desks clutter free?

  5. I just found your blog and I love it. Can't wait to read more.


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