Sunday, March 6, 2011

Antonyms & The Foot Book

This week I tackled Antonyms & I thought that The Foot Book was a perfect fit. However, I can not take credit for this idea. I got this idea from a wonderful teacher here in Blog Land. Mrs. Carroll at the First Grade Parade.If you have not already head on over to her site, she has TONS of great activities.

I began the lesson by reading The Foot Book. The kids were already in Seuss mode so they loved it.

Then I talked about Antonyms & how that is just a fancy word for opposites.
We thought of some opposite words & talked about how it is different from Synonyms. At that point we went back to The Foot book, found the antonyms on every page, & wrote them on the board.
Once that part was done the fun began. We took off our shoes & traced our feet. I was thankful we were all wearing socks that day. Once our feet were traced & cut out I let my students pick which antonym they wanted to illustrate. The wrote one antonym on one foot & illustrated & then the other on the opposite foot. Finaly we put them all on out BIG foot, which they all thought was just a riot. 

Here are pictures of some of our antonyms.
Morning & Night

In & Out

Big & Small

High & Low

The following day we used our Fancy Mobi tablet & played an antonym game to reinforce our newly aquired skill. It works just like a Smart Board but is portable & only costs a 1/3rd of what a Smart Board does. At least that is what out Technology Integration Instructional Coach keeps telling us. I have to say that it was fun. The best part was that the kids could just pass it around instead of getting up to go to the board or my Document Cam.

Do you do anything special to teach Synonyms & Antonyms? I'd love to hear it.
Ms. M


  1. The Mobi seems very intriguing! I would love to learn more about it!


  2. Yes, it is very interesting. There are all sorts of things I can do with it apparently. I'll see if I can get some info from out Tech coach.

    Ms. M

  3. LOVE it! Definitely snagging that idea for next week!

  4. Wonderful Idea about the Foot Book!! It's in my files for next year.

    I have a Mobi and I love it. I can walk all around the classroom using my mobi doing activities on the white board.


  5. I think the blog who gave this idea was Cara at First Grade Parade?

  6. I love this! We just did this today, thanks!

  7. Thank you Allyson!!! For the life of me I don't know why I could not find it. I LOVE Cara's activities.

    Everyone else, your welcome, but the credit must be given to Cara, I just copied. :)

    Ms. M

  8. Oh, you're sweet, girl! This turned out precious!! LOVE the little signs & the colored feet! TOO cute!!! Glad y'all had fun :)
    Have a great week!!

    Cara :)


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