Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing the Mobi Tablet

I a a bit excited today about posting because I get to tell you about the Mobi Tablet. 
This tablet does everything a Smart board does for a fraction of the cost. However, my favorite part is that it is portable. You see my room is tiny. I am not kidding. It used to be an office space / observation room that has been transformed, by me, into a very small classroom. 

I used to have the students come up to the board & it was a problem because as we all know little ones are not that coordinated. Between the furniture & other students there is very little traveling space. Need less to say I have had SEVERAL students trip over pocket chart stands feet & chairs that had not been pushed in properly. 

That problem has now been solved with the Mobi. I can now have students remain in their spots and still be able to write on the board from where they are! I can project a worksheet with my Document Camera & the students can write on it. The best part is that I can play all the smart board games & activities with this little beauty too. I've heard other teachers talk about how they love using it for math instruction. However, that is the extent of my knowledge of what I can do with the tablet. :(

So today I went to my Technology Integration Instructional Coach & asked where I could get some information to share with you and she sent me to eInstruction. I did a little poking around & I did find a bit of information, especially on their Products page. 

Disclaimer, this is not my class.

I hope to take pictures of my students using the Mobi later this week to post as a follow up. I hope this helps those of you that showed interest. I also hope to post some St. Patty's day activities later this week.

Ms. M


  1. Hey Ms. M! This is awesome! I would love to see more about it, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. http://www.infocus.com/projectors/interactive-projectors


  3. Ladybug Teacher, I want to learn more too. :)

    Ash, thanks for the link!

    Ms. M

  4. I have one of these and am just now beginning how to learn it. So far all I use it for is as a portable white board. I'd love to learn how to find interactive games and such for it. PLEASE let me know what all you find out!!!

  5. I have one of these plus the board in my classroom, well every classroom in my school does. We could get the whole school one in comparision to only a few classes getting a smartboard. Mine is an older version but still does the same thing the kids love it because they can sit at their desk and still participate etc. I have had a few problems with my pens but they seem to be working fine now.


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