Friday, March 25, 2011

And the winner is...

I want to thank everyone who entered my 1st blog giveaway & helped spread the word about Kolton & The Kolton Ryba Surgery Fund. I am touched by your wonderful words and donations. 

Without further ado.
(drum roll please)

 The winner is... 

Who said:

Lucky duck. :)
Jeannie, email me at msk1ell at gmail dot com so I can get the details of what you want in your lesson plan template.

I look forward to my next giveaway in April.

Ms. M


  1. No Fair!!! Janine wins everything! ;P

  2. Hey, hey no haters, lol. I have had a lucky streak though, so why can't I win Lotto????? I am excited, but now I have to think about what I want..... I will email you in a bit.

  3. Thanks for the laugh ladies. It really did make me laugh out loud.

    Ms. M

  4. The true winners here are numerous.... Kolton, because of your efforts to assist with his surgery. And the rest of us teachers whom you assist with your creative ideas and helpful thoughts.


  5. Ok...Janine...what's your secret?! I want to win too! Congrats...custom made lesson plans are awesome!


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