Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teacher Resources- Professional Books

First let me begin by saying that I know many of you liked my old banner, but it was just too feminine for me. Now you may be thinking... isn't this one feminine too? I guess, but it has a bit more edge to it. I am not really a flowers person, although I loved the purple flowers. I was just itching for a change. So above you can see my new banner. I am sure I will get tired of it in a month or two and move on. I like it because I am in LOVE with hearts. Now on to my real post.
I recently went to a Professional Development where the topic was Reciprocal Teaching. Now I have used Reciprocal teaching techniques & strategies for years but, and I am going to sound a little bit dumb here, but I had not heard of Reciprocal Teaching as it's own separate teaching system. Nothing I learned was new to me, more of like a refresher which was awesome, for me anyway. They gave us lots of graphic organizers & examples of lessons. I left with some great ideas for how to enhance my direct instruction of Reciprocal Teaching.

Two weeks later our ELL team received 2 Reciprocal Teaching professional books. My team leader sent them directly to my room. :) How did she know I would love them? All I can say is that she knows me well. Thanks ML. I have had very little time to look through them, but I have skimmed them. I am actually a bit excited to have them. One of them even has a CD with videos & more graphic organizers.

The books are:

The best part is that I got them for free. :) Well, they are not mine to keep, they belong to my ELL team, but I do get to read & use them & I didn't have to pay a dime! Thank you Federal Programs. :) I think I will put them on my professional summer reading list.

My question to you is, have you read these? Do you use Reciprocal Teaching?

On a side note Interactive Think-Aloud Lessons by Lori Oczkus is printed by Scholastic so while you look around during their Dollar Days, look around they might have it on sale.

BTW, two of my all time favorite professional books are  

 What are some of yours?

Ms. M


  1. That is so great that you got those resources! it's always fun to get new books! Did you see any graphic organizers that would be good for the kinder-1st graders? I need some for an assignment if you can share any ideas with me! thanks :)

  2. I did see some great graphic organizers during the Professional Development. I believe they are also in the CD. I will definitely post them when I get them on my comp.

    Ms. M

  3. Our reading coach and I introduced reciprocal teaching in January to my class and the kids loved it (I teach 3rd grade)! After a few weeks of reinforcement, students were using the language and really making a difference in their comprehension.


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