Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow People

There are so many snowmen activities out there it is hard to chose which ones I want to do with my students. Maybe I should say, which ones I will have time to do with my students. I never have time to cover snowmen before the holiday break so I always do them in January. However, I have this wonderful book by Caralyn Buehner called Snowmen at Christmas.
I read Snowmen at Christmas before the holiday break.

You probably have seen it before it is part of a growing seris. The original one is called Snowmen at Night.

That's the one I will read to my class the second week of January, to kick off my week of Snowpeople activities. I will probably begin making a web of everything my students know about snowmen. We will then read the story and do a beginning, middle & end story map. We will make snowpeople with our handprints, much like everyone has already done with ornaments. However, we will make them on a flat surface and frame them like a portrait. I have a cute little poem about making a snowman, that I forgot at the moment. Sorry I will post it as soon as I get back to work. So we will try to actualy make a snowperson, provided it snows. Unlike the rest of the states we haven't gotten much snow this year. Many of my students have never played in snow, much less have made a snowman so this will be a great expirience for them... I hope. I'll probably have some "out of order sentence for my kinder students to cut out, rearrange an glue. I promise to put that up once I get it done. Oh and I will have my 1st graders finish this sentence...
If I were a Snow...
(Please click on link to download sheet.) Then they will illustrate.

It seems like a lot to do along with all my regular curriculum, but I get to split it up between kinder & 1st so I SHOULD be ok. I do want to share one more thing. About a month ago my school had 1 of our 2 annual book fairs. On one if the shelves I found this...

It is VERY cute an I think I will buy it and read it in the spring. Then I can talk about the possibility of having a snowman all year round and what happens to them.


  1. I love the download! Thank you! I LOOOVE your blog!

  2. Awww, thanks. :) I enjoy reading your blog too.

    Ms. M

  3. Great ideas!! I am doing my snowman unit next week!!! This is perfect!! Thanks for following me!! :)


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