Thursday, January 31, 2013

Theme Reading: Transportation

While planning last week, I realized that I would be starting my transportation unit this week. I just LOVE this theme because there are SO many wonderful books avaliable for my kinder ELL kids. 
Naturally I wanted to share them with you all. That gave me the brilliant idea of doing a reoccurring theme post with all the books I just LOVE on the theme we are studying. 

Here goes.
We started this week with non other than
There is this fabulous app that I let the kids play with after we read and sing. They just get a kick out of it no matter how many times they have read before. 

And the beloved Pigeon in Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems.
I just adore Pigeon, and it gave us to do a direct draw of the Pigeon and a Bus.

Some days I have just a read aloud for our theme (Tuesday/ Thursday) and on those days we read,
The kids just adore these, they are so funny. Just noticed they have a new one I'm Fast about trains I will have to look that one up next time I am in the book store.

So from there I venture into Crew's territory.
Donald Crews that is. This transportation books are just so fabulous.

With each book we do a Direct Draw and then label. I get them from this FABULOUS book,
Honestly this is my favorite part. :)

Some other books we read are,
Whose Vehicle is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper
Airport by Byron Barton

and Duck on a Bike by David Shannons

We also have an assorted number of non fiction books on Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Cars and Motorcycles as well as Tractors, Dump Trucks, Helicopters (my fav) and so much more!

Then we dive into Pete the Cat because he uses a mode of transportation in each one of this books too.
Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes has a School bus.
Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes has a red car.
Pete the Cat and his 4 groovy Buttons has his skate board and an ice cream truck.
We also get to talk about how WALKING is also important and is a mode of transportation.

I honestly don't know how I get it all squeezed into 3 weeks, it really isn't enough.

Is there any other Transportation book you LOVE that I don't know about?


  1. The first grade class I work with for Reader's Workshop this year is obsessed with Mo Willems's Pigeon books! They crack me up whenever they read them to me!

  2. The Donald Crews books and Mo Willems Pigeon book are always favorites. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful transportation resources. Renee

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