Monday, January 21, 2013

Lesson Plans Galore

Hi everyone,

Are you enjoying your MLKjr day? I was enjoying the inauguration and my day off, BUT then it started to snow. :( That means I have to shovel. Yuck.

Sorry about my LONG absence. The holidays snuck up on me and then it was very hard to get back into the grove. I am back though and I have so much I want to share in my head that I feel like I will lose it if I don't get it all out here. However, today I want to share my weeks lesson plans and reveal two new templets up for sale on my sister blog, A Teacher's Plan.

But first, I have a question. Do you want me to continue to post my weekly lesson plans in PDF format for you to download?

Theme: MLK jr and 100 day of school
Phonemic Awareness skill: Onset and rime, syllables and blending phonemes
Phonics: Letter of the week: Kk (Alphafriend Keely Kangaroo)
Sight/ HFW word: by, here
Vocab: dream, together, diversity, racism
 Comprehension skill: Main Idea/ Detail
Theme: Penguins; MLK jr. and 100th day of school
Phonemic Awareness skill: Segment Phonemes
Phonics: Long a CVCe; Vowel patterns: ai and ay
Sight/ HFW word: long, more, other, right, these, much and small
Word families: -ay, -ail and -ain
 Comprehension skill: Main Idea/ Details

2nd and 3rd grade Writing for week of 01/22/13
Topics covered: Nonfiction Research: Biographies and Countries

Now for the new goods. Over on A Teacher's Plan I posted two new lesson plans for purchase. The first was created for and named after my friend Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord...

This template is a "week at a glance" 2 page template, made to sit side by side, for all subjects. Made specifically for a Kindergarten class, but with a few edits you can make it work for other grades. Days are listed across the top of the template. Subjects listed are Reading, Writing, Math, Science/Social Studies, and even an Arts/Crafty section, are listed going down the page. You will also get sections for your Objectives, Standards/CCS, Material and Assessments. A lot packed into 2 pages of organizations. The font used in this template is one of my new favorites, called LD Elementary.

I have to say that this template looks better in use than it does posted here. Greg has his lessons posted and when I took a peek I was wowed at how fabulous it looked. You have to go see, but not before you take a look at my next template. This template is my own, for my Kindergarten class. It is the sister template to my First grade plans posted here.

This template is a one page, week at a glace format. It includes areas for whole group instruction and independent practice, ie guided reading. It covers whole group and guided reading, writing and language arts. On the left hand side you will find a box for the weekly objectives, evaluations, ELL/ ESL strategies and a spot to jot down your small groups. The font used in this template is a clean and simple template called LD Elementary.
What do you think? 
To check out more templates and prices just click on the button below.


  1. I love looking at your lesson plans. I teach ESL K-8 and having someone else's plans to look at is helpful in seeing what I could be doing differently, especially with an eye to being more efficient with my limited time each week. Your site is one of the few I have found that talks about an ESL classroom in a K-12 setting and I really enjoy reading it. In fact, it is often the first site I go to after dealing with my inbox.

    1. That is the sweetest compliment I've gotten. Thank you so much. :) I agree there aren't many of us ELL teachers out there. Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files teaches older ELL kids and she is way better than me at blogging and creating GREAT resources. Thank you for being a wonderful reader.

  2. I really like looking at your lesson plans. It gives me ideas of what I could be incorporating into my day. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. I am new to your blog and LOVING it!! I am new to teaching (re-entering the workforce!!) and trying to pool resources-and have to tell you..yours are fantastic. Quick question..how much input to you have on your planning? Do you follow a district template, school template- wondering how much you get to put in, vs the school. I'm a Spec Ed teacher; but trying to decide on either K or just Spec Ed. Thanks for the blog....love it!


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