Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peek at my Week: Lesson Plans 04/21/14

Hi everyone,
It is that time again...
Another short week for me... :(
This week on Thursday The Kindergarteners are going to Aksarban Aquarium. It will be an all day trip so my First graders will also miss ELL classes, as I will be on the trip, and not in school to have class. Boo. Friday is an elementary plan day for my district.

Not gonna lie, this week is going to be a struggle for me. It will be the 3rd week in a row that the Kindergartners have a 3 day week. Don't misunderstand, we haven't been having a tons of days off, we have been taking tons of field trips. While these maybe enjoyable, and while the kids are learning some, I struggle missing 6 days of instruction.
This week my Kinder kids will be week 3 of long vowels and we will cover long Oo. My students and I are liking the resources that I have been using so I will continue.

Because I have been having such short weeks I have been struggling to get through our farm unit. Part of me wants to scrap it and move on to Earth Day. Then the other side of me really wants my kids to have time learning this unit. It is one they always enjoy. My plan is to continue and FINISH the farm unit this week, however I reserve the right to come back on here mid week and tell you that I've switched gears. :/
Books to (finally) read...

Learning Crafts...

First Grade

This week my first graders will learn about taking are of our Earth.
We will read...

Charts and Crafts...

That is all I am will to plan for. I imagine that much of it will change. :/ So my question for you is...
I am curious to know if it is just me. Please leave me a comment below. 
And now our weekend funny.
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Finally, if you are looking for a lesson plan template you can grab an fill out in a flash, come check out my pre-made lesson plan from A Teacher's Plan
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Happy Planning!

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