Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday 04/18/14

Hi Everyone,
It is another installment of...
1. Spring Art
On Wednesday I shared my Kinder Spring Art project.
However, I wasn't done there. My Firsties had to create something too.

This project was inspired by ARTventutous.
First, we did a direct drawing of a bunny. Then outlined and colored our bunny in crayon. The waxy crayon will keep the paint from getting on to the bunny.

Finally, we painted the background.
I love how they turned out.
2. Farming
Our farm unit is still going strong. There is so much to cover, so much to read, and we'v had a lot of interruptions so it is taking super long to get it all in, BUT I think we are almost done. One more week and I should be ready for another Theme Thursdays post.
3. Earth Day
How on Earth did I end up with so many Earth day books? 
That doesn't even include The Lorax, which is one I always use to teach with on Earth day. I have no idea how I will fit it all in.
4. Nonfic Research Reports
Our non-fiction animal research reports are done. I always LOVE how these turn out. I think I am finally ready to update my original Animal research report post. Look for it this week on my next installment of...
Writing on Wednesday. 
5. Surprises
Finally, I previously mentioned having a surprise for you all. This was a difficult week for me and I never got to posting about it, but I am working on getting this little goodie ready for you all. So come back often and keep your eyes open for a sweet surprise.
Here is a little clue for you all.
 It involves a sweet friend and a giveaway.
That's all folks.
Have a HAPPY Easter!
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  1. I love those adorable bunnies! Or should I say adore-a-bunnies!
    Happy Easter!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. That bunny art project is tremendous! I found you through the link-up so I'm following along so I can see more of your adorable projects!

  3. I love your art project at the beginning of this post. Super cute!


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