Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Currently

It occurred to me yesterday that it was a new month.
You know what that means?
A new Currently!

Truth is I am listening to a mix of music, because I am on Pandora Radio. Though I am currently enjoying Taylor Swift's Trouble. Always makes me sing along.
Pandora Radio. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it. I listen to it in the afternoons when I am decompressing from work and picking up the mess of the day. I love that I can have different stations and customize them. Then I get to choose what kind of music I want to listen to that day. It also helps me find new music or artists in the genres I like.
This year the district decided that the Kinder Kids would start learning their long vowels. Yikes! I know my students can do it, but will it be meaningful to them? I hope so. I will be spending the weekend finding ways to present this to my Kinder students. My first grade work is really not appropriate for the babies. If you have any poems, anchor charts or ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
We have been having a BLAST with our Transportation unit. It is almost over and it will be sad. I just can't wait to show you everything we've been doing next Tuesday. That should be enough time to get it all written, right? 
More sleep... I have not been keeping good hours. I tend to be a night owl and well it doesn't really work when you have to be up at the crack of dawn. It is starting to catch up with me, and I am finding that even though my eyes are open and I am moving about, it is taking me a long time to "wake up" in the mornings.
Hours and Last day:
Technically we are to report at 8:15am and are let out at 3:40pm. However, I am almost never gone before 4:30pm. I won't talk about what time I actually arrive at work in the mornings. Shhhhhhhh.
Our last day of school is May 23rd! Wait... I have several meetings the week after so really are any of us ever really off anymore? :P

Happy Thursday. 
My hope is to return tomorrow with a 5 for Friday post. Let's hope I get it done tonight.
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  1. Hi! I am visiting from Farley's blog. Nice to meet you!
    My daughter starts kinder in the fall and it looks like sooo much work! I really admire kinder teachers!
    Good luck with the long vowels. I wouldn't even know where to start! :)

    1. Awww thank you Des! What a wonderful time for both you AND your baby girl.

  2. Hello! I enjoyed reading your CURRENTLY post and am envious of your May last day! We go until June 6th! I hear you on how our school day usually starts and ends WAY earlier and later than the "posted" schedule. There is always something to prep, copy, put away, and plan, isn't there!

    I love your Instagram slide show! Very snazzy! I am your newest follower!


    1. Jennifer, you are right we started in early August, while everyone else was still enjoying summer break. LOL

      As for the Instagram slide show... thank you! It is a widget. YOu could get one for your blog too. Just go here: http://snapwidget.com/#getstarted

  3. I loved seeing that you are done so early! I can't imagine when you must have started. I love your slide show, would love to know how you add that. Would be fun to show what is happening in my science classroom. I also love your side bar additions. Can't wait to stop back and check out the fun and look at older posts:)

    Renee at the science school yard

    1. Renee, you are right, we started in early Aug. :/

      As for the Instagram slide show... thank you! It is a widget. You could get one for your blog too. Just go here: http://snapwidget.com/#getstarted

  4. You have the cutest blog!! I love, love, love it!! I am your newest follower. =]


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