Monday, September 10, 2012

Student Work with Names

This should have been my Wordless Wednesday post, and it was. BUT, I tried to post from my iphone and failed miserably. Soooo, here you go on my Mindless Monday. I have to share that these activities came from Deanna Jumps Literacy and Math Fun with Names.

Here is where I display all of my students work for the whole school to see. They are so proud of their work. I get so excited when they are in line and are whispering to their friends, in their Gen Ed class, to check out their wonderful work. Obviously we have out Surfing theme going on. Though I am not sure I am done decorating this wall yet.

We start the year with some school vocabulary and learning our names and this Names Phoneme Substitution activity is just perfect for getting us listening to the sounds in our names.
Wheels on the bus fun.

We continue our name exploration as we breifly introduce the letters of the alphabet. These Chicka, Chicka Name Tress are just the right thing to help my ELL friends learn the letters in their names.
Chicka, chicka, boom, boom.

That's all for today.
Hope to be back tomorrow, crossing my fingers, to share again for "Teaching Tip Tuesday". Now I am off to a Professional Development for an hour and 45 min. Let's see what I learn tonight.
Have a great Monday!

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