Thursday, September 13, 2012

Resource Thursday

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Today I want to share two wonderful new books I am using with my ELL kids. I gave you a sneak peek at one of them on Tuesday.

Here is a shot of the front covers.
 So far I have been using them with my Kinder and 1st grade kids and they have been great! They both books from CTP.

I am currently using the Sight Word Sentences with my Kinder kids. The sentences are WAY too hard for them at the moment, BUT I wanted to introduce them to words and complete sentences early in hopes that it won't be such a weird concept and monumental task later. It practices all the necessary Kinder skills, cutting, pasting, coloring, writing and reading. The picture directions are great too.
Take a peek.
Did I share that CTP has an 8 page free Sample page preview. Click here.

The Sight Word Phrases book is just right for my 1st graders who struggled with their sight words last year. It gives you 3 activities with the same sight word phrase. I am using them on Mon, Wed and Fri.

On Monday, I introduce the phrase.

On Wednesday, practice using the phrase in a complete sentence with some other vocabulary.
On Friday, we review with a mini book that they get to take home and share with their family.
Again CTP has a 9 page free Sample page preview. Click here.
Hope some of these are helpful to you.

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