Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teaching Tips Expo

I am super late with this post, sorry T, but it is not too late. The Expo is today and you still have time to purchase your ticket and watch your videos... from the comfort of your own home! This Expo is all about Teaching Tips.
"Teachers love getting tidbits, tips and helpful hints from each other! The teaching community is unique in that teachers share, inspire and learn from one another. With all the demands that are placed on teachers today, getting tips on how to save time, save sanity and keep the fun in learning is HUGE! In Teaching Tips, four presenters will be sharing ideas, strategies, materials and more to help teachers find the exact recipe they need to make the classroom work for them and their students.
Learn how to FLIP your classroom in to the exact one you want! Maximize your effectiveness, minimize distractions, get organized and find out how to meet student needs without losing the fun in the process. You're sure not to want to miss out on getting any of these teaching tips!"

The guest speakers are...
* Tamara from Teaching with TLC and co-founder of Teaching Blog Addict. She is sharing how to add excitement and fun to your class.
* Charity from The Organized Classroom. Charity is talking about something we ALL are always try to get, organization.
* Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade. I always look forward to Jennifer's teaching tips on her blog. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about RTI, or Response to Intervention.
*Monica from the Schroeder Page. Monica will talk about how to create more independent students.

Don't forget that you also get a virtual goodie bag filled with over $50.00 worth of items made by teachers for teachers. So what are you still doing here? Click on the button below to get there. I am on my way there now.

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