Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Late Leaf Man

The Leaf Man
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I love this book, and so do my students.
Actually think that what they love more guessing what was made with the leaves, as opposed to the wonderful story, but hey who can blame them? I was a little bit late reading this book this year an but once again the Leaf Man has visited our room.

After reading the story, I take my students out and pick several different kinds of leaves. Once back in the room we make a leaf person and have a cut apart sentence to go with the leaf person. The sentence says "The Leaf Man goes where the wind blows." Here are the pictures.

A whole group shot.
 A few close ups.

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  1. I read this with my kindergarten and 1st grade ESOL students. They then colored their own leaves, I cut them out, and they glued them to a poster to make their own "leaf objects". They made butterflies, fish, and turtles. It was a great lesson!


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