Friday, November 18, 2011

School Town

The return of "Insert your school name here" Town.
 If you are a long time reader you might remember my yearly "School Town" lesson. Because I teach ELL students, we spend quite a bit of time learning names of every day items. One of the lessons I love to teach yearly is when I teach about homes & rooms in them. Seems like a simple concept but for children that just arrived from a refuge camp in Burma that have never had a bedroom or working bathroom, it is not.

 Each student gets their very own house. They get super excited about this. We learn about the different rooms, what we use them for and what we keep in them.
Here is a look at this years town.
A few close ups.

Another long shot.
Unfortunately I can't put out the furniture because it is part of my ELL teaching series and copyrighted. However I can post the house because I made that myself! You could have your students draw the furniture or if you teach older kids you can have them write the names of items that go in the rooms. I always send a blank one home with the kids and they get to draw in their furniture then share with their families. This makes them feel better about not being able to take these home. :P

Without further ado...
Kinder House

FYI: This printable is meant to be printed on a 11X17 sheet of paper or card stock. I only ask that if you download, please leave a comment telling me how you will use it. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  1. wauuu! Nice...I will come back ...again in your wonderful town

  2. I am going to use it with my special needs students on naming things as a part of an alternative assessment! Thanks!

  3. what a fabulous idea for your young ELL students! I will have to show this to our primary ELL teacher. Thanks for sharing this, I always love to see your students' work :)

  4. Thank you ladies. :) I enjoy doing these with my students.

    Ms. M

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