Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can...

I am a little late with my Friday freebie, but I didn't want to wait a whole week to post it.

I recently created an "I Can..." sheet for my work stations. It was so easy that I thought I would make more and share them with you. I think I got a bit carried away... I made 19! I thought everyone has a different theme why not.

I started out with the super heroes. I told my students that they were super kids for learning all the great things they could do at these centers. Also that they were gaining super knowledge when they worked there. It is amazing the result you will get when you add "super" in front of something.
I Can (super)

Then I wanted one for reading,I Can (Reading)
and you can't leave out math.
I Can (math)

Here are the others.

Wow! That is a lot.

While doing these, I realized I had not made an alphabet strip in several months. Soooo, look for some soon. I will resume making monthly/ seasonal alphabet strips with a special one just for the Blog Hop next weekend. What blog hop?

On Friday, Oct. 7th, this blog will be participating in a blog hop.
Here are a few details.
There will be a benefit blog hop called 
'Operation Julie's Smile' 
that will take place Oct 7-9.  
There are a variety of
companies and design teams who will be participating 
in this hop to help raise funds for this benefit. 
So far, over $2000 in prizes have been made available 
and will be awarded for both participants 
and those who donate.
To read more jump over to Julie's Open Window, by clicking on the image below.


  1. Wow! These are fabulous! Thank you so, so much!


  2. Thank you SO very much for posting to your blog and share the benefit with your teacher following...I am so blessed to have friends who have put this together and it's bringing together NEW friends and I look forward to getting to know you more :)
    I've shared this link on our FB Event page as well...hope you have many visits!

  3. Your welcome Julie. Just glad I could help out.

    Ms. M

  4. Thanks! I pinned it to my teacher board so everyone can see the great stuff you create.
    Life with Mrs. L


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