Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bathroom Signout

 Are you students naughty in the bathroom? Do you feel like they are asking to go ALL the time? Are they spending WAY too much time in there? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to have a bathroom sign out sheet in your class.

My school has a building wide bathroom sign out procedure in place, where the kids sign their name, time in and time out when they have to use the bathroom. We have had some naughtiness in the past and this procedure helps to catch the culprit in both the upper and lower grades. It takes a bit for the kids in the lower grades to get used to it but they get it, eventually. :P

BTW, this is not just for school, it is a great way for mommies to document how much your kid is going to the bathroom. What fun it would be for kids who are being potty trained. They don't have to write their names either maybe a stamp or just the first letter of their names.Then they can be rewarded for going so many times.

What I like is when I feel a child is going too frequently I can use this documentation to go to the parent and figure out if this is a medical problem or a behavior problem

What does this look like in my room?
I just simply attached mine to a clipboard and hung it on a hook on my wall next to the passes.  Last year the pen/ writing utensil was a problem, so this year I attached a pen with some Twinery bakers twine. It has worked like a charm. Currently I don't have a timer to tell the kids the time so I tell them what to write, BUT your supposed to have some time telling machine for the kids to read the time and print it on their own. When I do get one I am Velcroing it to the wall right above the clipboard.

Here are some pictures. 

Here is my sign out sheet that I am sharing with you all.
Bathroom Log

I hope this is helpful to you in some way. I would love to give credit to the creator of the clip-art. However, I created this so long ago I don't remember where it came from. Except of the small clipboard clip-art, those came from Thistle Girl graphics. I do remember they were free. If you all recognize them let me know and I will give proper credit. This post is participating in...


  1. We have a bathroom in our classroom, so I thought I wouldn't need a sign-out sheet for it. After there was urine on the toilet seat for the second time in one day, I started one! (I know, ewww!) I don't include the time or date, but I've been considering adding it. My rule is that that if your name is last on the list and the bathroom is messy, you're cleaning it up! So far they've been really good at remembering to sign out, and we haven't had any, "but I didn't make that mess," issues either.

  2. Great idea! This would also be a good way to deter students who get up to go to the bathroom just for "something to do." (We have a few of those!). Possibly giving students a daily maximum for times they can sign out might help to clear up the problem! Thanks for this!

  3. Thank you so much! I seem to have a revolving door with the bathroom this year >_< it's driving me crazy!

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  5. I love it! I'm going to print this out right now! Thank you for sharing.

  6. i am a 12 year old girl. I feel how many times you go and how long you go for is your business. just sayin...

  7. Thanks for the great/cute tool.
    Good point, 7THGRADETEEN88.


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