Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hang 10!

A couple of weeks ago I asked Hadar, Miss. Kindergarten Love, to make me a "Counting to 100" bulletin board set. If you remember I have a fish bowl that I use to count to 100 in Class A and I wanted something similar but with a surfing theme for Class B.

Here is the fish bowl. For everyday in school we add a small fish. When we make 10 we change out the small fish for 1 large fish with a #10 on it. I do have to say I did not make this, it is a bulletin board purchased at a teacher store several years ago.
However, I wanted something similar to this for my other room.

That is where Hadar's brilliance comes in. She made me this beauty!
 Ok the palm tree is not included, that was part of another bulletin board set.

Here is the board where I add the surf boards.
 There are 2 sets of surf boards. The larger ones that have 10's on them. Just like on the fish bowl, for every set of 10 small boards we switch them out for a large 10's surf board. If you notice 1 of the boards has a 10 on it and the smaller boards are 1's. On this particular day it was the 18th day of school.

 If you look below the board, those two pockets are for holding my surfboards. they are from CTP's Dot on Turquoise set. One is for my 10's and the other is for my 1's.

On the right you can see the 100's chart. My kinder students are counting forwards. I am counting backwards with my 1st graders. Everyday I add a dot to the number we count down next!
When we reach 100 day's I get to add a cute little hula girl that has a 100 on her.
I am thinking of adding some other elements to this board, ie: a title that says "Hang Ten" and some cute little bird accents. I will probably update this post or post about it again in the near future, but I wanted to show it off today because Hadar is now selling this wonderful "Days in School" bulletin board set. Oh and don't let me forget to add that it is on sale for a special introductory price. There are 2 sets. One has the boards in an 8x10 size and the one I have shown has the boards in the 11x17 size.
Please click on the links below to go to her stores.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you for sharing the idea! I will be incorporating this idea next year!!

  2. Ohhhh I love this! My room is Under the Sea themed! I have fishbowls that I fill with fish as well, but they're for behavior management. The class gets a goal (right now it's 50) and when we reach our goal we have a party.


  3. Super cute! My kids are too "old" for this but I will suggest it to our teacher who works with our K-1 ELLs!!

    Join me on The ESOL Odyssey!

  4. I love this idea! I am doing a beach theme this year and would love to incorporate this into my morning meeting. None of the links above though seem to be working for me. Is there another place that I can find the surfboard bulletin board-- "the days in school"??
    My email is ckiernan7@gmail.com.


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