Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technology Tools

Mrs. Snowden at First grade with Mrs. Snowden is having a technology linky party and I decided to link up. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite rediscovered websites. 

PBS Kids! More specifically the Between the Lions section of PBS Kids.

I'm going to be honest here the last time I went to PBS Kids was years ago & I did not have a good experience. However, as I was planning last week for this weeks lessons I was looking for a Between the Lions video/ clip & popped over there. WOW, how it has changed. It is so much more user & kids friendly!

We now have 5 possible areas to go to. Each area has several possible options to choose from & each option has several videos to pick from. Tons of possibilities.
Here is a shot of the main page.

The games section has 20 games you can play. I am looking forward to playing some of these with my Mobi tablet. Right off the bat I can tell you I will love Alphabet Watermelon, & Theo's Puzzles for my Kinder kids.

The stories section has 11 categories of stories you can pick from, ie: folktales/ fairy tales, animals, feeling, art & music, etc... Each category has several videos to choose from. I found Yo! Yes? which I use to teach punctuation in my class. I will definitely be playing that one.

My favorite section so far is the page with those wonderful video clips from the show that teach Language Arts skills so well. The most popular, I am sure, is the Vowels go walking clip, but there are SOOOOOO many more to chose from!

Having found so many great resources I went poking around some more & found the Mister Rogers Neighborhood section. 
I LOVE Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Mister Rogers is so sweet, how can you not like him? I immediately went to the videos & found one I am going to show today! It is a clip with Mister Rogers & Eric Carle. We have been reading Eric Carle books throughout the year & I would love for my students to watch him & listen to him read one of his books.

I am very excited about my latest find. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.

Ms. M


  1. I LOVE Between the Lions AND Mister Rogers. I used to watch Mister Rogers every day as a kid. I will totally have to check out the Erice Carle video since we're reading his books soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE PBSKids. I use Sid the Science Kid a lot.

    1st Grade with Miss Snowden

  3. Thanks for the PBSKids reminder. I will start looking at it when I am planning.


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