Friday, April 1, 2011

Organization Week Day 5: How and Where Should I Store Things?

I am linking up with Mrs. Patton's Patch again tonight. When I saw this topic for organization I didn't know what I would talk about. While looking over my room today before I left work, I realized what I would like to share about my room. My Writing folders & paper storage system.

This year I wanted my 1st graders to use 3 ring binders because last year they struggled to keep their folders neat & tidy. Then I ran into the problem of storing them. I happened to have these crates, so I turned them sideways & put a laminated sheet of paper on the bottom so the folders wouldn't catch. Problem solved. For my Kinder Kids I am still using 2 pocket folders. I have two groups so I labeled them K1 & K2. The bottom drawer is for my four 2nd graders. My second graders needed several sections to their folders, so I took two 2 pocket folders & bound them together. I will have to take a picture of that another time.

On top of my crates I keep assorted writing tools. A date stamp, Popsicle sticks for spaces, a timer, extra erasers, additional staples & our revision pens.

On top of the 3 drawers I keep my sharpened & dull pencil holders. The clear tub is for dull pencils & the wooden leaf basket holds sharp pencils. I like my pencils sideways instead of sticking up ready to stab me.

 In between the two grades folders I keep all my writing papers. Again I used 2 crates. The bottom one is for hidden storage. The top holds all the kinds of writing papers we use through out the year. I use a color system because I have multiple grade levels. Red is for kinder, blue is for first and green is for my 2nd graders.

What do you think?

Ms. M

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