Thursday, April 28, 2011

Move Your Body

I'm sure you've heard of the First Lady's campaign to get rid of childhood obesity. Well Beyonce has now joined her cause revamping one of her songs and making a video to "Move Your Body" to promote getting off your bottoms and moving around! Wanna see? Check it out below.

I think I will play it for my students today and have a little fun moving our bodies. Enjoy your day... it's practically Friday already. :)


  1. HI,
    I enjoyed watching this video. I am really big on getting my students to MOVE THEIR BODIES! When the weather is nice, we jog around the outside of the school everyday. We also go to the gym on a regular basis for a really good workout! (I have to mention that because P.E. was taken away from Kindergarten due to budget cuts...but it's important to me so I take them there myself) ;-)
    THANKS for sharing the video. I'm going to look for this song on iTunes and add it to our "Dance Friday" playlist! ;-)

  2. haha! I LOVE that you posted this. it's so awesome!!!
    mrs. tabb =)


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