Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Work Template

So I've been meaning to get this on here sooner but I have been swamped. Here are a few screen shots of a generic homework packet that you can download over on A Teacher's Plan.

 This first sheet has a quick reading log that the student has to fill in & parent has to sign off on daily.
The second sheet is an extended reading log for the Friday, or weekend, you pass the packet out.

The third sheet is where the students write their words 3 times each.
I usually assign it on Tuesday but you can assign it any day of the week. 

 Finally, this last sheet is where the students put their words in ABC order. Again I assign it on Thursday but you don't even have to assign a date.

 I give the students a new packet & they turn the old one into me every Friday. If you are interested it is located in the freebies section at the bottom of the page.

Happy Friday,
Ms. M


  1. Hi,
    I absolutely love this HW packet, because I assign my students to write their words 3x's one night and the next night in ABC order and this provides them a place to do it. However, on the main page, it provides a list for 8 words but on the papers to write them there is space for 9 words, is there a way to fix this? I assign 10. I would love to know how. I appreciate any and all tips. Thanks so much!!! - Sydney

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