Thursday, March 13, 2014

Classroom Centers and Workstations

Oops, I missed day 3 of Spring Break. I went out to run a few errands and was out most of the day! Yikes. This means that yesterday's post is now todays post. :P

For as long as I have had this little blog I've wanted to do a series of posts on my centers/workstations. Every week I think, this week I will get it done, but Wednesday rolls around and I am completely intrenched with work and I never get it done. Does that sound familiar to anyone? So I am taking advantage of my time off and sharing a glimpse into my Center/ Workstation time.

I try, and do a pretty good job of having reading groups 3 times a week. I try for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. While I am working with my small groups,
my other students are working independently. Here is a picture of the pocket chart I use to display where my students are to go.
Once they finish their seat work they walk over to the chart, and make their way to their station for the day. I only see my kids for 1 hour each day so they don't get much time at their station. I try for 20/25 min. This gives me enough time to see 3 groups. Tight I know, but we make it work.

Technology Center
This little one caught me snapping pictures!
They LOVE, I can't stress that enough, LOVE reading on the eReader. We also have some iPods in this tub but they have been out for "servicing" for a couple of weeks. My fault.

Skills Tub Workstation
This workstation is fluid and skill based. Unlike the other centers in the room that have fixed activities, this one changes based on what my students are needing. The kinder tub is pink, the 1st grade tub is blue. As you can see this little one is working on some alphabet knowledge.

Overhead Center
When they fazed these out I made sure to hold on to mine. Just print up some worksheets on transparency paper, buy some markers and instant review! The red bag holds the kinder transparencies and the blue bag is for 1st.

Listening Center
Most of my students forget the order of the buttons, and these numbers make it easier to remember.

Making Words Center
This is the same pack you saw my other little smartie pants working on.

Puzzles "Brain Exercising" Center
Wish I had some more floor puzzles. the Target Dollar Spot has been lacking lately.

Play-Dough Center
Students work on both HFW and letters at this station.
This is strictly a Kinder center.

Reading "Library" Center
One thing my Nook has done is make my kids excited about reading again. They love looking for the same books in the library, or similar books in the series. I have to admit I am super embarrassed at the state of the library. Always a problem for my students and ME!

Read the Room Workstation
This station changes as well. We look for seasonal words in the room, words with a particular vowel pattern, and other times we just look for words that start with a particular letter, BUT we always wear our (recycled) 3D glasses. Did you now they help us find those hidden words? It is amazing what 3D glasses can do. :P Then we read them with mustache and lip props!

Color and Stamp Center/Workstation
This started as just stamping but I started adding some "Write, Color, Stamp" sheets. This is a 1st grade only center. We basically work on some phonics skills here, but I also have some HFW's work.

Pocket Chart Workstation
Again in this station the activities change but they are always skill based. Kinder tub is pink, 1st grade tub is blue.

Computer Center
Also a fave. Kids get to visit Starfall or RAZ Kids.

I feel like there is SO much that I didn't get to say. No doubt I left a lot out. If you have any questions please ask. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am getting (hopefully) a room of my own next year and it is useful to see what kind of centers and how many centers you use with your ELLs.


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