Saturday, September 21, 2013

Five for Friday (09/21/13)

Hi Everyone,
It is Five for Friday, on Saturday.
1. Sit Spots
First heard of these wonderful creations from Kathleen, Growing Kinders, Line Up post. Loved them so much I ordered a free sample. When it arrived I ran around the building showing it to everyone and proceeded to order.
They arrived! Well I should say they arrived last Friday and I was so excited I put them down the very same day. Check out my not so straight line, BUT look at how they match the "line up here" sign I love so much. :)
 The kids loved them, I love them and then... we had a mishap. I should say a mis communication and they were gone. :( So I got a second set. Love them just as much. :) Can't wait for the kids to see them on Monday. They will be so excited.
If you haven't heard of them, jump on over to their website and check them out. One of the best things to happen for teachers in a long time.

2. Brittany Fuson
You know what else came? My beautiful new planner from Brittany Fuson. So super cute and was super excited to see one of my fave images on the cover. I already shared with a close friend that it is her and I on the cover. All black and a scarf, so me. :)

3. Capitol Building
The view down the street from my school. Pretty isn't it?

4. Writing Notebooks
Love how these turned out despite being the wrong color. Something I will live with cause I secretly love it. Gave them to the kids today. :) They like them too.

5. Coven
Not to much a pic, but a vid. I am hooked on to American Horror Story and I am looking forward to the new season, Coven, so much. Have to wait a few more weeks though. Meanwhile I have been enjoying all the teaser trailers.
 Yeah, I did that, :) Love how they turned out. It will be my next Monday Made It post. :)

That's all folks.
Have a great weekend. 
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  1. LOVE how Sit Spots look on your dark carpet!! Your kids will LOVE them! Mine are still going strong!!


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