Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post-It note ideas...

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Today's teaching tip is something I've seen LOTS of teachers do. I've already showed you how I teach and practice Handwriting in the Hallway. I've also shown you my Sight Word Pass Word.

Now I want to reveal a little bit about myself and admit to my addiction. Post-It Notes. Ok, it's not a huge secret, I mean what teacher DOESN'T puffy heart post-it notes. I have a serious addiction though. I have tons of these suckers in every size and color in my cabinets. Yikes!

To justify this obsession, here are some ways in which I use Post-It notes in my room.
To identify Book Boxes by grade level. I wanted something cute and found these nice ones.
 The blue is used by 1st grade the white has red accents and they are used by the Kinder kids.

To mark the days of the week and months of the year. These are star sticky notes. :)

I just LOVE these, they are Post-It labels and I print them out and use them to label my kids cubbie boxes. Wanna read more about how I do this? Click here, or on the image, but only after you finish reading my post. :P

As book marks! Read about it here.
And my new favorite... for my Class Password! Thanks Greg for the BRILLIANT idea.
Red/pink is Kinder and blue is 1st grade. Kinder keeps their words all week. The 1st graders get one or two words every day

Speaking of Class Password, here are how other teachers in my building are doing their classroom passwords.
This is a 1st grade room and they change the word every day.
 This is a Kinder room and they change the words weekly.

I hope to be back tomorrow with my 12-12-12 post, and linking up with Hadar's and Kristen's Linky Party. :) But before I go in case you were wondering, here were some 12-12-12 ideas I shared with the teachers on my k/1 team for tomorrow.
-Students describe themselves in 12 words.
-Work as a whole class to use 12 words to describe 12 things in in a theme. You can make a class book of them afterwards.
-They could work on a sires of assignment for 12 minutes at a time.
-Have them take random 12 min reading breaks.
-Pick 12 friends to write a post-it note note to. The note could be 1 word and they just randomly stick them on each others desks.
-Add things to 12, or subtract things from 12.
If there are typos, or mistakes please forgive me. I am quickly finishing this up before I run out to one of my favorite places... TARGET! Have a great night!

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