Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Classroom Password

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Today's teaching tip is something I've seen LOTS of teachers do. I've already showed you how I teach and practice Handwriting in the Hallway. Now I want to show you how I reinforce my sight words. It's the Classroom Pass Word.
Ok so this is not a great pic because there are no words there, BUT as you can see it is just a piece of scrapbook paper with a Pass Word coversheet on top of it. Click on the link to get a freebie for yourself. It is that simple. Mine is laminated so I can write the passwords with dry erase marker, or you can print out, laminate and sticky tack your words on the sheet daily.

Other teachers in my school keep these words on a ring and just flip them over daily. Others just write the words on die-cuts and tape them, or cover them in contact paper on their doors. No matter how you do it, the point is that the kids don't leave the room without saying the words on their way out. It is their "password out" Or you could do "password in" up to you.

An extra little tip... for my Kinder kids I have them touch the word(s) on their way out, so I can see if they know, aka informally assess, them daily.

Hope this is something you can use.


  1. I love this and it's really pretty!!

    You made me laugh with your comments! By the time I get through my stuff I'll be bugging you on email while you're working on yours, haha! :)

    Can't wait 'til Downton!

    1. Your never bothering me. ;) Always look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I love this idea! I have do e this with Post It Notes because I love my Post Its!!


    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

    1. Oh post-it's!!! OMG that is perfect. Know I know how I can color code. I've been using different dry erase markers but they keep rubbing off when the kids touch the words. Post-It's are the perfect solution. Thanks for the inspiration!


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