Tuesday, October 11, 2011

School Sparks: An early childhood resource

Hi everyone,

Today I am bringing you, what I think is, a great new resource. I've taken some time to look through this site and am just enjoying all the wonderful free activities it has to offer. It was created by a retired Kindergarten teacher. Here is what she said to me in an email...

"I could never really give up teaching children (I love it just too much!) after I retired I started a totally free website devoted to creating resources to help teach preschool- and kindergarten-aged children.  Back when I was teaching, I used countless boring worksheets with black and white clip art and just knew the worksheets could be more engaging and effective for young kids.  So that's how my website was born!"
That is how School Sparks was created, and it was enough for me to want to check it out.
More specifically the Free Worksheet section, where Renne offers a variety of worksheets in several categories.
Here are a few of my favorites...
Alphabet worksheets
Phonemic Awareness
Letter/ Word Awareness
Identifying Different Words
Identifying Identical Words
Identifying Words in Sentence
I could go on, and on, but I think I will let you go poke around for yourself. :)
You can click on any on the link or any of the images to take you to School Sparks.
Hope you find something you can use.

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