Friday, October 14, 2011

End of the Quarter

Why is it that no matter how many years I have taught or how prepared I think I am, I always feel like this?
Today is the end of the quarter and I have files to update, writing papers to score, and grades to upload onto online report cards. I am VERY glad that I have Monday off, but don't expect that I will get any personal time this weekend. *sigh*

I hope you have a great Friday. I don't know if you will hear from me this weekend, but expect some Fall & Halloween fun from me soon... I hope. :P


  1. Oh I feel you - I just stood in the center of my room at the end of the day today for a solid 5 minutes - looking around...not having the faintest clue where to begin. You'll get it done, you know you will. I think chocolate is in order though...just sayin'!

    Holly :)


  2. I feel the same way Ms. M, you are not alone! I'm sending positive thoughts your way, hoping things will go quickly and smoothly!!

  3. Just stopping by to say I hope things are going well this week!! :)

  4. If you feel this way it probably means that you are a great teacher who still cares to do the very best you can do. I hope to never lose that feeling and give in to "so what?". Hope it all went well for you. (On a side note, that hamster box on your sidebar is hilarious.)

  5. Happy almost Birthday Ms. M! I hope it is a fabulous one! {I remember you telling me something pretty important about it :)}

    Love, your BBFF!


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