Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

Time to a minute of rambling during my lunch time.
I kid you not when I say I am having serious Spring break withdraws. Feeling like I want to take a few days off. Yet I have so much fun learning planned for the week I can't bring myself to take a day off. Actually, everyone will tell you, I never take days off. I really do enjoy my work, and even when it is hard, and I'm not exaggerating that sometimes it is, I always can find something I enjoyed.

It dawned on me the other day that this is the best time of the year. Right now, 90% students are hitting some pretty nice highs and here was some of my reasoning behind it.
1. Angry Adult season is over. (Don't know what that is? It is a real thing, seriously.
2. Students have learned the routines and rules and are able to make successful choices.
3. All the hard work and learning is starting to make sense.
4. Students are feeling comfortable taking chances with new learning.
5. The warmer weather is on the way!
Ok, that last one was just for me, but I can imagine that the kids are feeling relieved to be able to go outside and let off some steam. 
Where are these trees? Seriously they are gorgeous!
So I just wanted to say, I know you are feeling pressure, because we ALWAYS feel some pressure as teachers, but take a minute to breath and enjoy all the wonderful things going on in your classroom.

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Now back to work for me. 
It is Kinder time!

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