Monday, March 31, 2014

Very late plans X2

Errrrrrrr, ladies and gents can I say this weekend was a hard one. I don't know where the time went! I was working late on my plans again. I promised I would post them and I will keep my promise. Just forgive any errors you may find.

This week is a review week for my kinder kids. Which is actually nice because we just finished all the letters of the alphabet and I could really use a week to get ready before we start into long vowels.
We will use Growing Kinders AlphaHero's pack for a little extra practice on these letters: Uu, Gg, Ww, Xx, Vv, Jj, Qq, Yy and Zz.
We will also use some of the High-Ya! Ninja Bunnies pack this week.
And of course we will be going back to our transportation unit. This week is about air and sea transport. We will read more Donald Crews books, specifically Flying and Sail Away.
Then do Quick Draws for each.
It will be a simple week.

First Grade
My first graders started their Spring unit last week. We pretty much just made a chart about spring, talked about the weather and read a couple books on the Spring season. This week we are jumping ahead to plants. Plants, Spring, it all goes together right?
Not going to lie, my plans are not done yet. I know the basics but some of it is still fuzzy. However, with the help of some friends ;) I think I can get it all figured out.
We will be reading...
PLUS we are almost done on our Nonfiction research reports.
Can't wait to share those with you all.
Have a great week. 

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