Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday 03/14/14

Hi Everyone,
It is Five for Friday.
It has been a long time since I've gotten to link up! It is Spring Break for me and I am loving all the free time. :) with that said, here is just a peek at what I've been up to this week. 
1. Active Blogging
Can't tell you how excited I am that I actually was able to post several times this week. If you missed it I am adding the links below.
Video Snippets (Mon)
(Videos included in Monday's post)
Feb/March Displayed work in pics (Tues)
Peek at Centers/Workstations (Thurs)

2. Instagram
If you missed it, I've posted several pics on my Insta account this week. It is amazing the things I can accomplish when I don't have to work daily. :P
If you don't already follow you can click on that little orange heart on the top right of my blog.

3. SitSpot Envy
If you haven't seen all the SitSpot rage going on in the blog-o-sphere this week where have you been? Several of the Cali bloggers recently purchased some SitSpots. They not only are showing all the fabulous things they have done with these wonder spots, but are having a giveaway too!
I blogged about my set last September, and they are still going strong! I LOVE them and have been wanting a second set for my carpet area.
This image is of my line up spots. My students adore them!

4. Working From Home
I am on Spring break and the weather has been beautiful. I have been having some down time, but I have also been taking advantage and getting some work done, while I have time. Mainly Scoring writing samples, updating student files and getting report card info done. Best part is I can do it while streaming some tv/ movies. Today it is Nebraska.

5. Kinder Writing
Can't tell you how proud I am of my Kinder Kids, my First Graders too. However, my Kindergarten students made such huge gains in writing this quarter. Most wrote 3 page books! I was a very happy teacher filling in report cards yesterday.
Here is one of my faves. 
Pg 1
Pg 2
Pg 3
He is writing about last Monday, when we went to the Capitol building for our Read Across America read-a-thon.

That's all folks.
Have a great weekend. 
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  1. I almost purchased sit spots before this school year but worried about how they would hold up being vacuumed over a few times per week. Yours are still going strong?
    Rowdy in First Grade

    1. Yes! Once they are down, they are NOT easy to pull up. The kids even try to pull them up with their little fingers, and they can't! I highly recommend them.

      If you aren't sure you can order a sample for free. :D

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