Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Haven't heard of it? I didn't know until a fellow ELL teacher started using it with her kids and shared. It is just like Facebook, but safe, secured and private. Take a look.

So you make you class and sign up your kids and your ready to go! This teacher is using it to ask questions about a novel she is reading with her kids. Although if you notice at this point the kids are greeting each other. LOL, it happens.

Another teacher is using it for Micro Blogging.  I guess the possibilities are endless. You and your kids can access it from home so homework can be assigned through this form. You could also do homework help in this form.

So what do you think? Interested? Any questions?


  1. Our entire school district uses Edmodo. My kids love it. We even made a team (grade level team) assessment page so the kids can take assessments on there and we can quickly compare data and get information. Great tool!

  2. I've opened the account and intended to start....but still need a bit of a look-see to see how to use it with a class, where they will be engaged in the process. I suppose better than dial-up speed internet access at the school might help the process...Maybe next year (end of school year here in Australia right now), until then - I'd love to see what others do with it for ideas!

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