Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teacher in need... burned classroom.

As you all may have noticed that I have been absent. I am very sorry. It's been super busy AND I have to confess I have had a bit of writers block. Though I hope to remedy this soon. 

However, when a colleague contacted me the other day about a teacher in need I thought the LEAST I could do was to share with you. So without further ado please meet...

Meet Kayla, aka The High-Tech Teacher from Slick Tricks for Grade Six. Kayla taught her 6th graders in a portable that not only burned but had extensive smoke and water damaged. 
 Take a peek.
Needless to say she lost everything and to make matters worse her school was only able to give her $250.00 to replace everything she lost. :(

The good news is that her school (students as well as fellow teachers) & PTA  rallied around her and were able to help her out some. 
The bad news is that she still needs help rebuilding her classroom library. However, Kayla has not lost hope. She has written a Donors Choose project to help her buy new classroom books for her students. Click on the image below to go to her projects page.
Remember that with Donor's Choose no amount is too small. PLUS if you donate before Monday and use the code INSPIRE, Donors Choose will double your dollars. So let make this count. I am off to go donate myself.

Have a great day and week to come!


  1. So sad! I am off to donate and will share on my fan page.

  2. I am off to donate. Thanks for letting people know.

  3. WOW! How sad! But, we will all rally around her and buy that classroom library!!!!

  4. Oh wow, how horrible. I teach high school, but I'm also a volunteer for an organization called Random Acts. I didn't see a contact form for you here on your blog, but if you'll email me we might be able to put together a project for Kayla to replace some of the items she lost in the fire.



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