Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snow Joke...

As I was waiting for some of my Kinder Kids to finish cleaning up their area in their class, so that we could line up and go to my class, I noticed the wonderful display that Kindergarten teacher had put up.

The tag line reads...
"It's snow joke we can write our words and numbers... Easley"
Beside the "snow joke" the other punch line is that her name is Mrs. Easley! I loved it so much I had to take pictures to share with you.
All she did was have students write  a sentence or words and numbers they know on the 2nd and 3rd paper plates. Then they drew a face on the 1st plate and cut out a hat and arms for their snow people. I think I will have to copy this someday. :) It was just so clever and easy, or should I say Easley? Am I Corney or what? the number one complaint from a friend about me is that all I tell are kiddie jokes. I think it is part of my profession to stay up on the kiddie jokes, thank you very much.

On that note, I have been flying my geek flag the past day. Is anyone else out there a nerd and proud to share it?


  1. Love those snowmen! Not sure if I am a nerd...but I am certainly married to one, wait...he says he is a geek....nope, now he says he is both =) lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I love those and I'll bet the kids will too they love corny jokes...snort snort
    Thanks for sharing.


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