Friday, December 9, 2011

Reindeer Wanted!

Yesterday, when I dropped off my 1st graders in their Gen Ed rooms I spotted a super cute bulletin board display. So today I made them remind me to take my phone so I could capture some images and share with you.

Take a peek.

A few close ups.
 Santa needs elves. They have to be good toy makers. They have to work together. They have to be happy. They have to be fast.

 Santa needs reindeer that can fly. They need good eyes to see at night. They need to work together. They have to be strong to pull the sleigh.

 Do you like carrots? Do you like to fly fast in the dark? Do you work with others> If you do we want your help.

 Can you fly the sleigh? Can you eat hay? We ant your HELP! and bless her I think she added her phone number so he can get back to her. Super cute!

Help! I need someone to help deliver all the toys and pull the sled!

I have to find the reindeer pattern because this is just too cute to pass up. If you have a cute reindeer, let me know. :) Have a great Friday. I hope to be back with some holiday decor.


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