Sunday, May 1, 2011

Renovation/ Relocation

Two words that send my head spinning! I've hinted in some earlier posts that my school would have to relocate for the next school year. I've not wanted to talk about it because it a a great source of frustration for me. However, I now find myself with 19 student days left in the school year and well I guess I HAVE TO deal with it.

The good part is that my school is being renovated during the 2011/2012 school year. More good news is that I will have a WAY bigger space when we return (700 sq ft), thank I do now (225 sq ft). The bad news is that we will be off site at a warehouse school for all of next year. I was just feeling like I had settled in to my classroom too.

Friday was a Plan day for us and although I had TONS to do, I felt the pressure to pack. So started to pack up some items I felt I would not longer use. Halfway through the day I got very upset. I had not gotten very far. You see because my room is so small I only have out what I use and because I use these items weekly if not daily, I could not put much away. However, that did not stop me from making a mess. This is what my room looked like.

How on Earth was I going to be able to teach on Monday? Let's just say that I pulled it together and got all the junk sorted and put away. However, now I have 4 boxes siting in the middle of my carpet/ class meeting space. If you have not previously read, my room is tiny, it is really an old observation room, turned office, turned into an ELL room. I am going to have to pray that my team leader, who is so gracious and kind, made enough room in our team's closet for my junk. So if your read Mrs. L, I will be visiting on Monday morning. :) 

I was so frustrated and tired when I left Friday afternoon because I had not planned, made copies or even changed my calendar for Monday morning. Thankfully I did a lot of work at home this weekend and caught up a bit.

On a good note here is a resource I have that I have to revisit in the next few days to help me with my packing & storing. It is a fantastic read and worth every penny. I reread it every summer to help me plan my class the following year. I think I'll have to pick it up a little early this year. :/

Have you all been through any renovations/ relocation's? If you have would you be so kind as to leave me some love, in the way of comments. I would love any tips you all have.

Hope you are had a better weekend than I did.


  1. Ms. M.,
    I have never had to relocate within a school district, but due to my husband's job I taught in a new school every year for the first 4 years of my teaching. It always took a little time to settle in, but I focused on my students not surroundings and all went well! It is no fun packing up before the end of the year, but you will be so glad that you did. You are super organized and the fact that you reread the Debbie Diller book every year, lets me know you will be fine! I will however, remember you in my prayers, especially come August when you are putting it all together in your new temporary space. You can do anything in the short term and look at all the space you will have the following year! Hang in there!
    Mrs. Saylor’s Log

  2. Cleaning and organizing is fun!! Just think of it as a chance to make sure that next year is a fresh new start, and when you get to go back to your new, BIGGER, room, you will be very happy that you're already cleaned and organized! Good luck darling! P.S. LUCKY you only have 19 teaching days left!!!

  3. You can do it girl!!! I'm so wishing I were you with only 19 days left!! I have to move rooms too. I'm moving to a smaller room but oh well it was necessary. I will be sadder about leaving my awesome friend next door. I'm glad I will still have a room facing the playground. That way I can keep an eye on my three little ones while I organize all summer!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  4. The last two years I have had to relocate. Be organized and purge any clutter. During my first year of teaching the school remodeled a wing at a time and we had to go out in portables. It was an adventure but as long as you are flexible it should go well. :)

  5. Bless you heart!!! I bet that is tough. I'm terrible about packing. I get so overwhelmed!!! I am jealous you getting out soon though! I'm in Saudi Arabia, and we don't get out until June 15th this year! :( It gets so hot here in the summer!! Soon we will start having indoor recess. I have skimmed the book you talked about. I think I may reread actually read it this time. I'm in great need of better organization. I'm glad you mentioned it. It has motivated me to get it off the shelf and take a closer look.

  6. Breathe with your hands (insert mental image of a yoga instructor)! Let Debbie be your guide... LOL!

    I feel your pain. I think I have moved in once sense or another every year. From San Diego to Missouri... From Second Grade to Literacy Coach.... From Literacy Coach to the WON.DER.FUL world of kindergarten.

    It is a great chance to edit your "treasures", but it is a pain too.

    Just breathe with your hands!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  7. Thank you for all the encouragement ladies.

    Thankfully I do do Yoga. I tell my coworkers that Yoga is the only thing that keeps me sane. :)

    I do feel better about it now. I think I just had to rant about it for a bit. Thanks for being supportive.

    Ms. M
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