Monday, July 21, 2014

Nicky Newsletter Template

Ladies and gents I am back at work. Can you believe it? I almost can't, totally spaced it out all weekends, just refused to think about it. Luckily I am only back for half days, getting the Kinder babies ready for Kindergarten with a 2 week long Kinder bootcamp we are calling Jumpstart. :)

Have I told you that I am a night owl? I know that some of you have been staying up late along with me and sleeping in, but I stay up late even when I have to be up ay 6:30am. Now that I have been getting up at about 11:00am I have been staying up past 2 am every night! So I am pretty much guessing that I will be going home to nap when I get off at noon. 

The good news is that in my time off I have been creating some new templates. Some I have given a face lift to, new fonts and a little tweaking here and there but others I made from scratch. I had an order for a custom newsletter template not that long ago and it made me realize that I don't have a newsletter template available on A Teacher's Plan. So without further ado I bring you...

Nicky Newsletter
The words version of this newsletter is completely editable and has 5 sections customizable to your needs. The PDF version will have sections labeled for a Message from the Teacher, Important Dates, Reminders, upcoming Objectives and even a section for the Teacher Contact Info. I used 3 fonts in this template, SF Slapstick Comic, Penelope Anne, and Simplicity. This template is sold in color but also available in black and white if you wanted to save on some ink. If you want it in B&W just mention it during checkout. Here is an example of it in use.
I will be having a giveaway for this template on my Face Book, Twitter and Instagram pages so make sure you are following for a chance to win. Just click on those cutie little hearts to find me on social media. 
If you want to want to purchase the template I am going to put it on sale for the next 24 hours. Click on the button below to go to A Teacher's Plan and purchase.
Hope your Monday is more restful than mine!


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